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Full Version: [Rev-Share] Rogue Legacy like game - Hiring Artists for "Carrie's Pixel Tale"
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Hello mates, I am an amateur game developer, a programmer to be more precise, currently making Game Dev college at Brazil, and I want to start my carrer as a professional developer. So I started a project that might interest some of you and I really could use more hands. I cant pay anyone, but I am willing to share the profits made with this project. The Team is currently made of Me programming and another guy from Indonesia named Kriswin Yuniar making the sprites. We need more people to make this game Happen.

The game's mechanichs are like a mix between Rogue Legacy and Wario Land 4. It has procedural map generarion just like in Rogue Legacy. I have writen down the base story of the game and a list of other mechanics and enemies to implement already written down, although the story is not finished yet.

Here you can test the game so far:

-A: Grab items and stunned enemies.
-S: Attack.
-D : Jump.
-SHIFT: Run.
-Arrows to walk.
-CONTROL: Reset Map Generation.

Advanced: Walljumps can be performed. You can also fall from One Way platforms by pressing "Down Arrow + D".

Disclaimer: Most sprites are still placeholders, except Ground Tiles and some Char sprites. There are 8 types of room, they just have 2 or 3 variations of each type yet, and most doesn't have enemies because the level design must be done only  when all game's mechanics are ready. We plan to make 40 or 50 variants for each Type of room.

Me and the guy are commited, so we need people as commited as us. If you join the team, you can give suggestion to every aspect the game, since the Storie, to gameplay mechanics and Enemies/Bosses.

I hope you like the project, thanks.

Here is my facebook profile:
Contact me if you will ^^