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Full Version: Mario Unity Framework 3D
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[Image: y3mEniSiZnqnbewB07lZRSlMNSlLDdjxqEJjMN3M...pmode=none]
A pack featuring objects with scripts(Blocks,Coins,Goomba,Mario,UI) with easy prefab (Drag&Drop) implementation in your Unity engine games.
NB : Support limited. The package are just to help making Mario 3D fan platformers. More updates going.
License : No commercial use, no distribution. Credit please.
You can suggest any ideas or help.
I opened the project folder, and I'm confused. Do the prefabs have models attached? They remain invisible when I drop them into the game. I also see no prefabs or scripts for Mario himself.
I will verify file integrity.
BUG1 Unity doesn't exported dependencies. Retrying to export.