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Full Version: sutinoers 3D Model Galleria
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I looking for.

This is the only emperor how i found:
Cykloid Emperor
[Image: 12575.png]

And lol Jinx:
[Image: 12574.png]
[Image: 12571.png]
[Image: 12572.png]
[Image: 12573.png]
Xerath from lol:
[Image: 12774.png]
[Image: 12775.png]
[Image: 12776.png]
[Image: 12777.png]
[Image: 12778.png]
The alien Empress is the final boss of the Duke Nukem Forever DLC. It's a massive four-legged alien that you fight using the moon buggy as a vehicle.
Sorry, need the DLCs. But looks for other alien types.
Here update Yorick from lol.
[Image: 12787.png]
[Image: 12788.png]
[Image: 12789.png]
and Yonkey
[Image: 12786.png]
Quake 2
[Image: 13096.png]
[Image: 13097.png]
[Image: 13098.png]
Pantheou from League of Legends
[Image: 13131.png]
[Image: 13108.png]
[Image: 13109.png]
[Image: 13128.png]
[Image: 13129.png]
[Image: 13130.png]
[Image: 13132.png]
More lol models
[Image: 14592.png]
[Image: 14593.png]
[Image: 14596.png]
[Image: 14598.png]
[Image: 14605.png]
[Image: 14604.png]
[Image: 14621.png]
[Image: 14622.png]
[Image: 14675.png]
[Image: 14677.png]
[Image: 14678.png]
X-Com Tnaks:
[Image: 14754.png]
[Image: 14757.png]
[Image: 14804.png]
Smething from Bioshock 2:
[Image: 14815.png]
[Image: 14822.png]
[Image: 14824.png]
[Image: 14831.png]
Bioshock 2
Big Bister B
[Image: 14846.png]
Brute Splicer
[Image: 14835.gif]
Batman from Arkham City:
[Image: 14883.png]
[Image: 14882.png]

What you can find better OBJ or DAE with Bones?
[Image: 15137.png]
[Image: 15138.png]
Resident Evil 5
[Image: 15411.png]
(10-04-2016, 12:56 PM)sutinoer Wrote: [ -> ]Resident Evil 5
[Image: 15411.png]

Sheva looks great mate, what version of RE5 is she from, Console or PC? Keep up the greatwork.
PC easy to rip with Noesis and have bones.
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