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Full Version: Project cancelled
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Sorry, project cancelled.
alright my friend

Thank you good sir
Well... I could test it? But why dont you post the game? That way everyone can test it and say the bugs and stuff here Tongue (So we expect to see those problems)

Also, The Title would be better as "Pointless Clicker - Cookie Clicker Clone" or something like that .-. (I didnt expect this kind of game, the title is like for a welcome topic u.u)
Because I'm not open to have everyone testing. The game is highly unstable and in a boring kind of phase where features are added update after update, one at a time. I was looking for testers serious enough to test that kind of thing. Not some kind of game you play to pass time. I call it an early alpha and that's what it is. Once there is enough stuff I'll share the game though.

I'm no longer looking for testers since I already found two very helpful testers which have brought a lot of positive input actually! Next time you'll hear of this project is when the second phase of testing is on.