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Full Version: [Prototype] PokemonMMO - Download Included
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Hello everybody!
In the last week, I made a Pokemon Style MMO game in unity 3d.
Quick Screenshot of the prototype
[Image: unity2016-01-2912-03-28-48.png]

Quick Screenshot of the "login" menu
[Image: screenshot_29.png]

If somebody could rip the maps of Pokemon ORAS/XY, i could add them to the game. 
The "rippers" would also be in the credits.

Project information:
Unity version: 5.2.2f

Some technical stuff:
    Color correction
    Bloom & Flares

I`ve included a demo to download.
Latest Build:!xtZxlRJb!GqvMStwpb-9Bk...1QxzIaj7G4 || BUILD02
All builds:!kwwXjKLD!A1ayizwwIYephWAA9oV3dg

Sorry for my bad englisch.

Currently in dev features
Basic stuff Wink

Planned features
Custom bases
Hub world

[Update Update]
I´ve changed / added the players home.
[Image: screenshot_31.png]
Just gave the game a go. Nicely done mate, and great job. The house looks pretty cool too! Smile
The Player and Camera is now finally working!!xtZxlRJb!GqvMStwpb-9Bk...1QxzIaj7G4
Very good !
If you want help on dev let me know, I'm also an Unity Developer.

What Unity version you use ?
Do you use Photon for multiplayer ?

I would like do an android version and increase shader quality, I have many assets from asset store (UBER,Playmaker ...)
I have also Realistic Grass asset.
And I suggest you an another script for camera following.