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Full Version: Mislabeled NSFW pages?
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Call me crazy, but I think some NSFW pages are incorrect.

For example, the "Sheriff's Office Area" sheet from Mother 3 is labelled as NSFW, yet I don't see anything offensive or sexual in it.

Linky in case the picture is NSFW, and I'm just dumb.

EDIT: It appears pretty much every sheet is labeled NSFW for me, for some reason.
Petie seems to have made a bit of a huge mistake in his code somewhere, so every sheet currently displays that message. It'll be fixed soon, I'd assume.

Thanks for the info. I thought it was just an issue with my computer or something.

Also, any "NFSW" sprite sheets are always shown, so the message is pointless on that side. Works for models, though.
He likely basically put a 0 when there should be a 1 in the code
I think "huge mistake" may have been a slight exaggeration... I checked the wrong variable name and, for some reason, this caused the check to always return true and you caught me in mid-development. I'm impressed how quickly it was spotted though!

It should be showing correctly for both NSFW and non-NSFW content now. Let me know if you see any other issues and thanks for bringing this up!
It doesn't seem to happen anymore, so I think it's fixed?
Haha, sorry my terminology was slightly off. I should have really said tiny huge mistake.