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Hey spriters resources guys and gals (vg resources now????!), you may or may not remember me from days of yore. Apparently it's been nearly two years since I posted stuff here! Well, I've done a bunch more pixel art, some that I can show off, some that I can't. A bit too much, so I'll post the highlights (see most/all of them on my tumblr)

I'll start off with some stuff I've been contributing to Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, an open source roguelike which is pretty fun (somehow???) And since it's open source, it has a barebones visual version with graphics ranging from barely passable to pretty dang amazing! Here's some of the stuff I contributed:
[Image: tumblr_nlfwxpx9qO1r4pvnao1_400.png]
[Image: tumblr_nu4iltUFFh1r4pvnao1_400.png]
These aren't the final versions that were added, they got tweaked by some other people. Pretty happy with how some of them turned out, especially the Serpent of Hell (3-headed dragon thing) and Dissolution (the pink/purple slime.) Dissolution looks EXTREMELY SICK (the uh non-diseased meaning) in-game.

Low palette pic of gang-star Giorno Giovanni for a pixeljoint weekly competition celebrating the recent changes towards gay marriage.
[Image: tumblr_nqya0kdXIV1r4pvnao1_400.png]

An art trade I made with someone on twitter. I really like how this one came out! Has some proportion issues that I missed when I was making it, sadly.
[Image: tumblr_nk1qo22fl91r4pvnao1_400.png]

I was looking for someone to sprite in the SFA art style and got suggested Ganondorf, so here's Ganondorf in an art style that's based off the SFA art style.
[Image: tumblr_nglfo7TYbV1r4pvnao1_400.png]

Garo from a live-action japanese series, aptly named GARO. It is best described as Castlevania, if it were a japanese live action series. The armour looks awesome.
[Image: tumblr_ndkl8muvWQ1r4pvnao1_r2_250.png]

A portrait of Juzo Fuwa from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (Super Sentai is the series that Power Rangers is based off). He has a pretty sweet head, and I had fun messing with the palette for this piece. One of my favorite pieces that I've made.
[Image: tumblr_n75ce9YZM31r4pvnao1_400.png]

I'm not going to post this last one directly because it's huge, but at some point I did a project to pixel 100 trees and managed to complete it (I started another one for marine animals, but took a hiatus rip). It was a great learning experience! Here's the sheet with all 100 trees.

So yeah, that's what I've been up to for the last two years. Hopefully I will be motivated to post more, but I'm in the middle of working on an ambitious romhack that's been taking up my time (you can see videos of it on the tumblr?!) and a bunch of other work. But I'll try my best to keep this thread updated when I get stuff done!!!!
Sweeeeet! I began work on a roguelike tileset pretty recently so it's awesome seeing other tileset artists here.

Those DCSS tiles are really fantastic. They look like they'd fit in with the existing tiles but their palette management is miles ahead of the existing sprites. I especially love the well-placed clusters of your giant tiles.

Your larger pieces are pretty mind-blowingly awesome as well. You seem to have a knack for both cel-shaded and smooth-shaded designs so I'm super-jelly. Do you have a PixelJoint? I'd love to fave this stuff for future reference. Smile
Oh yeah, I do have one but I don't update it often.
[Image: TULJe6S.png]
Working on a bunch of literal frankensteins for Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, right now I'm just drafting some ideas that come to mind.
Some more body horror ideas!
[Image: 5bKnYTn.png]
I like the hecatonchiron the most

It doesn't have flesh exposure - but still manages to be freaky like the rest

I suggest looking for Teratology for more designs.
These are really excellent. I can't wait for more cool creatures.
Screenshots of some goofy things I made for a playtesting stream:
[Image: 26q79iD.png][Image: SuYe55j.png]
[Image: auzGQtn.png]
Started working on the "final" boss for a hack I'm working on. He's the last boss you fight in it and he is supposed to elicit a very strong reaction of hatred from the player. Hopefully when you look at this face you get the urge to beat it up. It's based off this, for reference:
[Image: 8EPjx9D.png]
Looks good, but I would say to make it even more smug. Perhaps moving the pupils?
(02-28-2016, 03:48 AM)x0_000 Wrote: [ -> ] he is supposed to elicit a very strong reaction of hatred from the player. Hopefully when you look at this face you get the urge to beat it up.

You've already accomplished that with the Donald Trump one.
[Image: jTTL3UA.png]
Last batch of horrible crimes against nature... for now! Top left one is totally a siamese twin... with a twist (rimshot) I think the readability is took a hit with this batch so I'm going to sleep on it for now and fix it up tomorrow.
Whew, haven't posted anything in nearly two months. I've been busy with a bunch of commission spritework I can't show off at the moment and releasing a game project I've been working on:

[Image: chvNrE3.png]

At some point I'll show off all the graphics I made for it but for now this is a little collage I made for the release.

I also worked on this thing tonight:
[Image: WFnb4FM.png]

It's for an item in DCSS called the Box of Beasts; the way it works is that it summons a monster called a Mutant Beast. Mutant Beasts have five tiers representing their age (larval, juvenile, mature, elder, primal) and two aspects that define their attacks (fire, stinger, flying, fur, tentacles and electricity.) The way they're going to be rendered in the game is layering the different aspects, so I made an image showing off all 75 possible combinations you can get, plus the base sprite and what happens when you layer all the aspects at the same time (it looks silly.)

so wait
you're squarerootofpi ? you're the same person ? cause that would explain a few things

well lemme tell you

i saw this post and immediately went to check serenesforest, and read through your whole thread
cause i was waaaaaayyyy hyped up for FE4A back in the day - seeing this particularly struck a chord in me
first of all i gotta say i'm /really/ impressed at the patch you got so far - the skill screen, the FE4 tileset and all :_)

so you're soldiering through all by yourself ?
to be honest i'm really impressed at the sheer amount of hacking and event writing it must've taken you to get the game to it's current version
i've always wanted to make FE4A after it was cancelled, but it's a workload i could never handle on my own

and so, i'm seeing these unfinished portraits, and i really wanna help with this
I imagine they're unfinished cause you just wanna move forward and feel like you're making progress with this, which i can definitely understand
and so i'd like to propose my services at doing the boring parts you don't want to, if that can bring the completion date any closer
[Image: L2NGD8u.png]
(so this is me nitpicking with cuan's hair - EDIT: and making mini-portraits/polishing sigurd and lex, plus finishing gandolf and alec)
(seriously though the portraits you've made are really in spirit of FE4 and FE7 simultaneously- and yet i can sense a distinct unified style that pulls em all together, amazing job on em overall, and i respect your decision of making these all yourself, so as to maintain a consistency that FE4A never had)

so yeah honestly man i'd really love to help with this as much as i can
(and if it can help i know my way around most of the known FE hacking tools, and have written event assembly)

so just ring me up if you ever need somebody taking care of the mindless work, so you can get this shit done
keep it up Smile
Those are amazing! Keep the good job!
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