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This thread is for all my actual GAME DEVELOPMENT projects, and not misc. hacks and utilities, or useless machines
first game I can actually say I developed, and didn't just assemble from a drag 'n drop...

I have kept this largely secret until I showed it to the MMW, and please note that it is NOT finished

the basic engine for this was coded in a few hours, across a couple of days.

It was adapted, last minute, Christmas Eve - early Christmas Morning, to make an actual game, and not a tech demo.
This took about five hours, and at that point, there was no such thing as collision. I spent another two hours Christmas Morning , at about 8-10 AM, to implement that. These are rough estimates, keep in mind.

The goal was to get the asset manager in my basic html5 game engine (if it can be called that) working, and to create an actual game.

The asset manager did not work when I created this at first.
It was updated last night around 5 PM, after a few hours of work, to use its asset manager.

Levels are not complete, game states are not properly defined, and a bunch of other stuff.

Feedback is welcome, and encouraged.

Performance may suck on older computers.
I cannot run this smoothly on this computer. It is one of my justified reasons for griping about html5. I am almost positive flash, or even shockwave, would kick HTML5's ass for performance, even on such a simple game. I also have had at least one person say this game doesn't even work for them.

You may view the source (especially if you wish to critique the code) and assets, I ask it is not copied at this time, though.

My inspirations for this:
well, shooter was a simple thing, and more indirectly, I tried and failed to finish one before.
one of the levels in Crystalien Conflict, where Santa must fight off the atsronauts and the aliens alike.

All but one of the planned enemy types implemented.
added cheats, although mainly for myself to use during development!

that's all really...
Aside from the new enemy types and the cheats, it is exactly the same as before.


fixed two bugs
- collision check was missing an important variable
- game edge boundaries weren't properly handled because of distance from edge not actually being accounted for
added some credit for code where it was due
changed some meta-data that i had forgotten to change when I copied one of my previous html5 documents
I'll just copy the last post I made on the Mars Mission Wiki about this game:

"Several hours spent on an update

Implemented code for powerup items, upgrading, and bombs.
Added waves and levels
Added boss
Disabled health cheat
Restricted unit cheat to spawn boss only.
added some usage conditions

seeing as the boss simply cannot impact your score (he has high point value (1337, naturally), but it's *theoretically* impossible to kill him), highscores may be posted again. Even so, it'd be nice this thread doesn't get spammed with scores, same for the photo gallery!

I'd prefer screenshots, tho...
And if anyone can somehow reach the final level (9001), I'd like to see a video (ideally a timelapse) of the entire session, as this game should get intense long before that, and I am pretty sure it's not even beat-able right now!"


I'll just leave this here...

rather small update, but I got sidetracked today.
This only got done because it was the one project that I still had a chance of working on after:
meeting of my parent's service club
shopping with mom
talking with some friends
finally getting to test something from a game
picking-up fast food for dinner AGAIN...
checking emails and PM's across multiple sites
It's ????????? What ?????????? How ????????
Sincerely, do you like your game ? No No it's good for a first version...
I recommend using Construct 2, it's easy and very good for online games.
There was a reason or two i never got into construct 2, but i don't remember them off the top of my head.
I think free/trial version limitations was one of these.

I am aware there are a lot of options out there.
There are a few of those I might look into.

My goal here is to make something more or less, from scratch (assets excluded), with little to no libraries except for my own... and to utilize my own knowledge and memory as much as humanly possible... for the bulk of the code. This definitely yields to some inefficiencies and hiccups, but the idea of the entire project is to be a learning experience for me. I also was going to get into some of the other html5 options before my desktop crashed in late 2014.

Thanks for the feedback!
OK I have undestand. Yes, it's more good to create a thing from scratch.
You can understand how it run.
Good continuation.
k. yes, definitely.
yeah, and that said, i don't need to learn about the quirks of <insert library here>. (and some of them are...WEIRD)

anything else you wish to say or ask?

read that for information on the latest update, it's mostly bugfixes and minor tweaks, and the implementation of some previously unfinished code.
I've been taking a break from that project to work on another, which I'm taking a break from to deal with ripping projects because I seriously need to clear some disk space.

Anyways, This other project I shall not be extremely public about. That's not to say that I won't post anything, and in fact, I do occasionally post details about it. I did originally plan to be very public about it, but I now am going to go slightly underground until some major progress is made, given the ever-increasing amount of fan projects being terminated well-before they're close to completed. I will say this much, it's big (I'm trying to clone/port an entire flash game, one that's slowly being killed by Flash updates and bizarre glitches. it is presently very near unplayable), and I WILL be asking for help with it at some time. There's a lot for me to do on it. Current progress is:
1. A custom and completely undocumented map format has been cracked
2. Most of the graphics from the map editor are exported
3. I've developed a utility for converting the maps from XML to JSON
4. I've more or less, optimized the maps for human-readability. Not so sure about performance.
5. Slowly but surely figuring-out pixel offsets for graphics.
to-do (likely not in order):
1. Understand the decompiled ActionScript 3 code.
2. Export + prepare all assets
3. Re-build map editor from scratch.
4. Convert every original map, verify all are present.
5. Fix any errors from conversion. I know of a few I cannot fix.
6. Clone the entire game, either in java or JavaScript (I'm currently leaning towards JavaScript, which I'll almost certainly regret due to performance, alone.)
7. Add new features not present in the original game.

Anyways, I'm currently sidetracked from How the Martians Stole Christmas and my "secret project" because of having to finish some ripping projects ASAP.
(And for those who I've told, or who have found-out about the other project, don't tell a bunch of people...PLEASE...I'd rather not have to cancel it, or have everything of mine ceased for an alleged "copyright/trademark infringement")
As stated in my status thread, I participated in Ludum Dare 35

My entry is here:

A github repo with source, original entry (since, rules...) , and a license + readme is here:

Feedback, please!
Seems my link to github was broken... (one character was actually not part of the link)

My Ludum Dare 35 game!

hopefully this one works...