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Full Version: Pikmin 2D mockup
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[Image: IRpNtAq.png]

HUD version B:

[Image: KYFsoPT.png]

(admittedly, everything on the HUD other than the day and time was an afterthought!)
the perspective doesn't work well (considering those on the bottom screen are Pokemon-styled slopes). Looks like the rest of the assets are platformer sprites.
[Image: jLlyWIz.png]
on it, mate

I'm making the tops on things more pronounced.
maybe olimar and gang should be smaller? imagine 100 pikmins being on screen. the size of them now wouldnt be able to accommodate for that.
holy heck that's amazing!!

i feel like the pikmin are a little too big for an adequate throwing animation tbh
Amazing work as always, Pik. The clusters on your foliage are great and the palette is out of this world. I'd love to see this zoomed out and adapted into a larger mockup.
Echoing others here, I think these are great aside from the off-perspective slopes. While, the Olimar and Pikmin sprites are great and detailed, I too worry that they may be too big for accommodating 100 Pikmin. But keep up the great work! I'd love to see where you take this!
Thanks for the input, all. Happy New Year.
[Image: L047pA9.png]
In this iteration, I basically just attempted to make things more top down by altering their bases and their tops. Primarily just in the pellet flower, the battery (as was shown before), the rock, and the slopes. There are a few other edits, too: the rock now has a reflection (using already existing water colors), I put a highlight for the puddle's edge, some foliage shading is different, et cetera. If anything needs further editing just give a heads up.

Regarding the character sizes, it's definitely true there's no way a hundred Pikmin would fit. This was something I considered when making it, and I guess created a hypothetical game scenario in my mind where there'd be less amounts of Pikmin in play, but they'd have buffed stats to compensate. I figured it was one of the sacrifices Pikmin would have to make if it were brought to a 2D console.
I think you'd be better off getting rid of the top-down perspective altogether, because the only part of the image that looks top-down are the bumps at the bottom. Everything else looks like it's from a slanted view, so it's very jarring. I think you'd be saving more time just by editing the bumps at the bottom of the screen.

I hope that makes sense.
[Image: MaYT44b.png]
Here's another go at it.
Amazing job! That reflection in the water really has me envious.
Amazing work, Pik! The HUD's a bit cluttered to my taste, maybe get rid of as much superfluous stuff as possible? You can move elements to the bottom of the screen, too. I thought I'd point out the reflections aren't consistent, if you compare Olimar and his Pikmin with the battery. Looking forward to more, keep it up! Smile