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Full Version: Stencyl-tale: A Undertale Engine made in Stencyl.
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What is this project?:

This is a simple Undertale engine meant for easy editing, it's made to rival Unitale, and I hope to succeed it.

If anyone wants to try a updated flash build, check below. (The final will be the source, which you can compile in any of the use-able formats Stencyl uses)

Will there be any differences between this and the real game?:

Yes, I have a large list of differences

-Movement speed was estimated, so it may be a tad different.

-Text speed was also estimated, so the results may not be the same.

-This version  plays at 60 FPS, rather than 30.

-The font is VERY SLIGHTLY different.

-This version renders at 320x240, stretched to 640x480. While the Real game runs at 640x480, but scales some sprites. Higher-res sprites are not possible on my engine.

-Music loops are different than the ones Undertale's build of GM Studio , so loops sound a tad different.

-Collision is a bit wonky at times.

-Fixed the bug where holding up + down + left or right near a wall would make you twitch everywhere.

-Text can be skipped and re-read faster.

-No Control or shift usage-yet.


[Image: OIemY2c.png]

Here's a link to the current build of the game, all updates will also take place on the same link.

This isn't like using a Mario engine. Nintendo has millions of dollars. Toby Fox is a one man show. It makes me uncomfortable that you'd make an engine to exploit an indie developer's one work that he's still actively trying to make money on.
Ton actually has a pretty solid point though in all seriousness. Though in my opinion, I'd shoot more for an engine that's Definitely Not Undertale and doesn't make itself look particularly obvious. Like...mash together Earthbound and Undertale, and make a mashup engine that still retains the schmup battle mechanic that allows you to either Kill Shit or Humorously Talk To Bad Guys - but make sure it doesn't feel 1:1 like Undertale.  It'd be interesting to have a Simple Alternative RPG maker that's putting-on-pants easy especially for curious game developers but I wouldn't explicitly push the feature of "Hey, you can make Undertale clones with it"
Like, basically...move all the menu options (like make it a square you operate with button keypresses) ship it with a different text box and a totally different font face and give the illusion that it could be an custom Undertale maker with heavy editing - but don't enable that from the get-go.

tl;dr you should make it a little more original, or you're gonna have a bad time

EDIT: Actually wait a second didn't the developer of Stencyl regularly post on PT long long ago? Have things really come full circle here?
Well, I contacted the dev of the game to see if he or she actually wants this shut down, because I would rather not piss off a hard-working dev.


That was my original intent, until I saw Unitale, and I kinda went overboard with copying the game itself.
Dude, Dude.
You don't have to leave about this sort of thing. Kosh was only saying to make it less like Undertale, and to make it more of a combination of Earthbound and Undertale.
You're not really doing anything from the start anyway, really. (Well, I guess it's a bit of a rip-off, but still).
Chill out. Dust off that sadness. Work on the engine more.
Restcp, and cheers, My Man.
I sent the Undertale dev an email about this engine yesturday, and if I'm allowed to do it.

He said as long as it's not a 100% port, it's okay.

To tell the truth, I also forgot that I'm only doing this to allow "custom Undertale levels/stories" without having to edit or decompile the real game, which was against the Game Maker EULA.


Yeah I was pretty much saying the above as like - well, besides the fact that it'd not just feel a little more ethical, you could even SELL THE THING!!!!! if times get tight and you need a little monies

I know that's not your intent, and as Toby Fox said, as long as you intend to keep it free for use and not literally a 1:1 copy (which wasn't what you were planning to do anyhow) you should be fine.

Did I miss a post inbetween though? What happened to your av and custom title? Did I unintentionally do a thing @___@;
No No No I didn't mean to!!!! go back to being a lowpoly lava monster goblin thing. Oh no @__@;