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Full Version: Super Mario ReMaker (DEMO RELEASED)
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Again, it's been a while since I last been here.
So, for a comeback, I'd like to showcase my project:
[Image: SMRemaker_Logo.png]
Basically, Super Mario ReMaker is just the SMB1 part of the actual Super Mario Maker (which is the most feature-packed anyway) with a few extra goodies, such as:
Elements and modes from Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels (SMB2J), Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (GBC), and even from fangames, like the classic Mario Forever.
And also, fully customizable mystery mushroom costumes, allowing to change the appearance and sounds.
"Default" costume packs will be available to download separatedly, so you can download the pack that contains whatever you like. (Right now the default costumes are just a mish mash of characters from obscure and non-obscure games, cartoons, and other random crap)
Finally, exclusive level themes, that are not (yet) available in SMM,
such as Ice, Desert and Night, currently, plus one customizable theme.
Complete with exclusive music for the Edit and Play modes.

Here are some (slightly outdated) previews:

The Editor UI is already very different than the one in the videos above...

When will there be a demo? I can only assure it'll be before Christmas.

For more info, go to this page.
[Image: bob.png]
This looks cool Smile
In wich game engine is this made?
(12-12-2015, 12:11 PM)DatHax Wrote: [ -> ]This looks cool Smile
In wich game engine is this made?

Very good question !

The game can be ported to Android ?
I thung it will be in High Definition graphics?Oh dear pixel graphics anti-dote for next-gen video games strikes back.
I have decompiled the game and I found he use the Gatete Engine ( who use GameMaker.
Good choice but a little instable and buggy.
For this project I advice to you to do it from scratch with a "real" game engine which offer more liberty.

It have a ressenblance with Mario Builder.

If you want any help tell me.
Apparently on an MFGG thread, the projecy have some problems with nintendo copyrights of the soundtrack and the project was renamed to MarioStudio Project ReMaker.
I hope that the game stays alive and news about it appears.

I also found a very resembling game, it's named UniMaker and it will be released soon.
Not bad.I thought it's going to be HD hyper realistic graphics not retro 8-bit pixel graphics.I guess it's Super Mario Maker game engine.
AAAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH! Nintendo took down the videos! Sad
The same thing happened to my old Imgur account.Please treat this as me vector artworks skills not as fight pixels vs vectors and not trolling.
[Image: WOAErti.png]
lu9 aren't present in the thread. He was gone ? He abandonned the project ?
Many questions...