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Full Version: Getting back to game development (not a specific project thread)
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I decided to change this up a bit because it wasn't really getting anywhere (well, I was busy fighting a flu virus earlier this week). If it's okay with the admins and mods, I'll just post anything I do related to game development. This won't be for projects though - just practice and fooling around with stuff.

I first started using game development software in about 2007. I was probably eleven years old and a huge computer nerd. I'm literally addicted to computers and other devices, which I suppose is weird considering my gender, but whatever. Anyway, I discovered Clickteam and started downloading their demos for older software like The Games Factory, Klik & Play, and Multimedia Fusion. I thought they were pretty neat and easy to use, but I couldn't do much because they were just demos and the actual software was already obsolete. Enter Multimedia Fusion 2! I finally bought a physical disk copy of the newer software in the summer of 2008 and I simply went nuts with it. 

For the most part, I practiced with the Sonic Worlds Engine, which is an engine based on the early Sonic games for Genesis. I'm going to be super humble and say that any Sonic fan game I did work on was pretty much a graphic swap of the original engine. However, there were few times that I ended up creating something from scratch that showed my ability at the time.

I haven't been working on creating games nearly as much as I used to back in the day, so I figured I'd slowly get back into it. The software I am using is Clickteam Fusion 2.5, a "sequel" to Multimedia Fusion 2. 


Here is what I did about a week ago. It is basically a puzzle game fused with a classic shooter. The goal is to shoot all of the blocks and avoid a moving ball that shoots at you. There is no score system, and you only have one chance to clear the puzzle - there are no extra lives. Sorry if it looks really basic and boring, but that's just the visual style I went for. But please check it out, because I'm at a very amateur level with game development and could use some good advice and critiquing.

With that said, go ahead and download the .zip and let me know what you think!