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Full Version: ModSaga (demos inside!)
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1. What is ModSaga?

-ModSaga is an action RPG, like if Zelda 2 and Mega Man X were stuck in a high speed blender.  The game is currently being handled by myself (RezonAce) and a couple others. The game also utilizes an original universe (The World of ID) and story, as well as a unique customization system, the "Mod Matrix", which allows players to customize their "Rezon" character to their liking.

2. Who is "Rezon"?

Rezon is a character of my design (hence my username), and the main hero of ModSaga. He is a human who is given great powers and thrust into a situation far beyond his control. His powers stem from the Mod Matrix, as well as a unique ability called the "Overlap", which allows him to take on other characters' abilities and traits...maybe a little too much though.

3.What is the "World of ID"?

The World of ID is the main setting for ModSaga's story. It is a fantastic world made up of the things humans think of (with some limitations obviously to prevent perverted stuff and "Original the Characters"). The World itself is not whole, there are several territories divided by massive walls that prevent the imaginary characters from interacting with each other, blissfully unaware of the presence of other imaginary creature types. Recently however, ID has been attacked from all sides by a strange armed force called the "IDC" (Imagination Destruction Corps)...

4. What is the "Mod Matrix"?

The Mod Matrix is a system that allows Rezon's strengths and abilities to be tweaked with collectible "ModCards". By equipping different cards, Rezon can gain new abilities, and strengthen existing ones. However, some ModCards can actually cause Rezon to be weakened in some areas...

5. What is the "Overlap"?

As mentioned, the Overlap is Rezon's unique power; it allows Rezon to literally become a hybrid of himself and another character, in both abilities and personality. Rezon will gain the powers of the target character via a preset Mod Matrix build, but will also gain all their weaknesses and also traits of their personality, which comes into play when interacting with NPC characters.

6. You said you had a demo? GIMMEGIMME!

Whoa there, there's a few things to go over before I start handing this out...for starters, this demo is meant for Windows PCs. If you are running something other than Windows 7 or up, please PM me and I will give you the appropriate demo for your system.

Also please note that most of the graphical content is placeholder, which is part of the reason I'm even here.

There may also be bugs and glitches, please report them to me if you find them.

7. How can I/we help?

The biggest thing I need right now is a dedicated spriter/spriters. If you are interested in helping this project, shoot me a PM.

Other positions may be available as the project progresses, I will keep information on this thread as current and relevant as possible (bear with me on that for my schudule's really erratic)

But if you are interested in joining, shoot me a PM.


As has been stated, this is a demo for Windows only...Mac/Linux users please PM me to get access...

So long and thanks for the time and fish.