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Full Version: Puzzling Creatures
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An Retro-like crossover puzzle game made with Game Maker Studio.
Character about to be Added:
Woolen (Puzzle Bobble 4 GBC styled sprite sheet is Required)
Snoopy (Sprite Required)
Latest Video:
honestly i think this kinda game wold work better upside down.
(11-08-2015, 05:09 PM)Gors Wrote: [ -> ]honestly i think this kinda game wold work better upside down.

Really? What do you mean?
Now that I see it, it has gravity physics for the pieces that aren't connected to the base top, so I take back what I said

But this game would benefit from a smaller play field, grid-snapped movement and maybe a crosshair to aid aiming. See Konami's Quarth for ideas.
The skill would be like Puzzle Bobble-like to aim.
This looks better than I expected it to. Only thing I'd mention is that there is some really awful noise going on in that video you showed... What is that? It seems like it doesn't actually match up with anything.
It isn't a bad concept at all.

That sound seems to be the playing when the squares are moving from left to right at the bottom.