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Full Version: Pixelated workshop thing
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I really haven't been spriting much nowadays because of a stupid artblock im having atm but I managed to do this 2 little things

[Image: ODkS94F.png][Image: vwv62fd.gif]
The triforce sprite was inspired by a sprite that Neorice did a little while ago.

Lets see if I can keep this thread alive.
I like the sprite quality, good job!
Thanks Gors !

remember that part in which I said that I'll try to keep this thread alive ? man what good joke.

but here is something new/old

[Image: LYV28Yi.png]
I did this sprite last year and recently found it again and decided to touch it up a little, not much, just to fix some shit that looked weird.

I'll swear it won't take me like 3 months for the next update.
See ? this time it only took me 2 months to update ! im getting better at this

Didn't sprite that much since then mostly because im helping with some other shit for a game but I did sprited something small for a friend

[Image: DnoIKOH.gif]
A really small sprite, the bg was done super quick so it's super shitty.

[Image: TmOeWSg.gif]
x2 to see the animation a little better

[Image: jIeHtHp.png]
And here are the frames if you want to see that.
Really impressive!
Time sure does fly huh ? I honestly have nothing better say : I

[Image: Kjw4QA3.png]
Made in 3 days originally done for a daily challenge I sadly was unable to complete it in the same day as I had to do some other more important stuff.
Very nice, although it is a bit weird how you use the concentric circle shading in places it doesn't fit, the legs and buster being the most noticeable parts; It doesn't make sense on the legs and the shading doesn't give any depth to the buster.
seconding x0, this type of shading would work if the shapes were spheres or ovals. But in this case it's a body part, with very definite sides. the shading you used makes these parts feel bulbous and weird.