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Full Version: TehRealSalt's Terrifically Tremendous Tally of Touchy Tableaux
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Hiya! It's been forever since I've made a thread, and that one thread had a total of one sprite that I never even finished, so I'm here to rectify that. Tons of my old art under the spoiler. You could give me C&C on this old stuff if you desperately want to, but I'm not likely going to go back to fix them.

Now for the REAL reason I wanted to make this thread, and something I am accepting C&C on:

[Image: GmsLogM.gif]

Scruffy the Dog Man is ready to punch dudes. This is my first ever complex frame animation (my other animations up to this point have been really simple movements and transformations, like scrolling, rotating, etc), and I surprised myself with how well it came out for a first try. Curious as to what you all think about it.
Here's a real quick 3-hour pixel art of Sans from Undertale.
[Image: wh6IK4a.gif]

Modified Scruffy the Dog Man's palette and finished his walking animation. He's marching over to punch some more dudes.
(10-27-2015, 04:54 PM)TehRealSalt Wrote: [ -> ] Here's a real quick 3-hour pixel art of Sans from Undertale.

This is pretty dope. The lighting on the face is great. But I feel like it would benefit a little from less harsh of a transition on the lighter colors
I think the palette is fine. I just think the lighter colors are little too jagged in how you laid them down. Everything is stellar and this piece is well done but if you could shift things around a bit to alleviate that minor discrepancy I feel you'd have an immaculate piece.  You really infused personality into this portrait. Nice work.

I mean maybe I'm a little biased in my love for it as it appeals directly to my kind of aesthetic but I really do like this.
while the colors are good in that one piece, the shapes aren't smooth enough, use AA to make it better
I know that the given lightsource won't allow it, butI feel that a highlight or something should be added to the teeth so they stand out a bit more, even if it means ignoring the lightsource.
[Image: oWSeWYt.png]

look at this wip goofy frog sonic badnik; i'll be streaming him, so help me finish him at

[Image: vKhebSa.png]

Stream's over and it came out rather well I think! (not showing everything because most of it is outlines; this thing a bit tough to draw 5 angles of)
(10-27-2015, 04:54 PM)TehRealSalt Wrote: [ -> ] Here's a real quick 3-hour pixel art of Sans from Undertale.

Well, I feel like that some of the shading on the shoulders looks slightly banded and I feel like there isn't enough contrast between the two darkest shades where the lighter shades have way more contrast.

I like the lighting however. My suggestion would be to make the dark purple-redish color into something more closer to black.
Turned one of my quick MS Paint sketches into something a little more presentable. Never been super good at shading/coloring, so went with simplistic shading and reused the palette from something I made a while back. Usually not great at anatomy either, but I think it came out pretty good!! (someday i swear i will eventually stop drawing this stupid dog... today is not that day)

[Image: MAPzDua.png]

(not sure if this would count as pixel art or not because it's kinda big and i didn't really anti alias it... but i haven't posted in a while though so)
it counts because the detail is still pixel-level - don't really worry much about that

I'd suggest reworking the head entirely though, as it's very formless compared to the body. see your avatar for an example on how to make it.