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Full Version: Unnamed platformer
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Hello there.

Not that long ago i started a project to create a fantasy 2d platformer game made in unity. 
The art style of the game is pixel art and looks like the art style in this video:

The idea of the game is you play as a knight fighting your way for levels, enemy's and bosses just like a normal platformer however i'm coming up with new features for the game such as equipable weapons with different ability's and effects. Enemy item drops including things like weapons, Possibly a XP system but not sure what that could be used for yet and that's basically it for now.

Like i said i started the project not so long ago so it's still being worked on and thought about but it's getting there. Sadly the development of it hasn't really started yet due to a lack of people helping me make this game. I have got a couple of people but i mainly need pixel artists Sad.

Anyway what do you think?