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Full Version: Penguin Casino (Just A Little Idea In Mind...)
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I had something I had the urge to make. The picture and the description say it all.

They...certainly do :I

(As a suggestion, I'd edit your post containing the info in your DeviantArt post. Posts that say "hey visit my PAGE to see all the stuff on here!!!" are generally frowned upon)

Is this...a mobile game you're thinking of using existing Konami properties? Sadly, I feel like this is actually the kind of game they'd make today, complete with microtransactions :/
No, it's just a fan game made for fun. And heck! Konami's doing it just because they think Mobile & Casino is the "Future of gaming." Remember Hudson Soft? The ones who made Bomberman and Adventure Island? They went down because classic mobile gaming was going down, so they went down as well. So if Konami's gonna do the same, they're done. Basically, I generally do these things because I just wanna make sequels and spinoffs to games that were great back then. That's why you see that most of my art is just classic characters. Not that I gun-to-the-head really want characters that are old to come back. I draw old characters. I think of music from old games to be remixed. That stuff I do for fun. None of this even matters anymore. I got other shit to do.
Lock this stupidity of mine. It isn't important to me anymore, and I don't want to embarrass myself because of it. Thanks if it gets locked.