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Full Version: ParappaFreestyle [libGDX]
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About a year ago, I decided to try out modeling in Blender. At that time, I had just gotten into the Parappa the Rapper series and instantly fell in love with it. Sure, the storyline was random and silly and the art style was...lacking. I think that is what gave it charm. Mostly for educational purposes, I decided to create a fangame where you pretty much play in "Cool Mode" all the time. I suppose this could appeal to those who could never triumph over the strict ranking system. As expected, replicating some of the animations proved difficult. I created multiple models, but I couldn't get them to animate like they do in-game. Ultimately, I ended up with a model that works for the most part, but still can't handle too complex of a movement.

  • Two 3D Environments(Flea Market and Onion Dojo)
  • Includes all stages from Parappa the Rapper & Um Jammer Lammy
  • Camera movements, although some need tweaking.
  • Playstation Controller Layout On-Screen
  • Android Gamepad Support(Only works correctly for Ps3 Controllers connected via SixAxis as Native Gamepad.)
  • TextBox that displays the lyrics that have been said.
To Be Added
  • A Menu System
  • More Animations and Environments
  • Score System(May not be needed, but it needs something to reward the player.)
  • Parappa the Rapper 2 Stages(They are much more complex, plus I need the textual data of the stages in cool mode.)
  • Camera Fixes

Note: I've pretty much given up on this project, as I can't even begin to think about how I can get my model to deform the way it does in the original game. That, and it took me forever to model the flea market, and it still looks off, mostly because I had to deal with bad camera angles as a reference. Maybe I'll return to this once I become more skilled in modeling. I don't see much interest in this project as well. It started out as a good idea, but I've lost the drive to work on it. 

This is really impressive. Sad shame that it's been unnoticed for a very long time.