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Full Version: Untitled Shooter Game
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Several months ago I was working on it as a mobile game. Due to the game was poorly executed for phones and I was lazy and demotivated so I cancelled it.

However I started working on it once again (well I got more time recently and the Android version got almost 3000 downloads!!! And I also decide to put indie game development on a short break*) but this time it's for PC (possibly Ubuntu and Mac) and I am not planning to expand the mobile version.

Anyways ladies and gentlemen, I present you:
[Image: Q4V1Xln.png]
PC version!


What's different from Highway Trouble 1?
  • Gameplay is way improved
  • Sprites are mostly done my myself
  • I will try to keep the levels entertaining rather than repeating things like Highway Trouble 1
  • It's possible to survive on the highway surface
  • Clones' AI are way improved
  • Cars can either tailgating or not, and they have two levels to land on instead of one
  • Player can no longer double jump nor shoot down nor throwing grenades (too complex for most people and grenade are quite useless)
  • It's a bit easier
  • Some enemy vehicles will take damage if you tries to ram into it with your car
  • Indications for those who don't have common sense
  • Not just Mario/Luigi/Yoshi Clones. There will be Koopas, furbies, possibly shroobs.
That's about it I guess but more to come!

As for right now I will not post a download link until I got 5 levels done.

This game is Michael Bay approved.

P.S. I know this is a unique concept and some of y'all may thinking this should be an indie game. I am quite bad creating original characters and I do plan to add several Mario elements in future levels. I'm sorry but I like to make Mario games (besides indie game development).

*My primary target platform (Android and Windows Phone) export module (Game Maker: Studio) is full of bugs. On Android it crashes a lot and Windows Phone it lags and/or no touch response. I submitted my bug report but YoYo Games decide not to roll out an update for a while now.
I don't care for mario fangames but I like the Big Blue-like concept and the impact on some of the effects
my only complaint is that this shouldn't use mario characters at all
A subsitute for the road levels in Alien Hominid on iOS? I'd like that.
(09-08-2015, 10:47 AM)Gors Wrote: [ -> ]my only complaint is that this shouldn't use mario characters at all

I'm gonna back up Gors on this - you seriously shouldn't, especially if it's being released on mobile platforms. Like okay I know you like Mario fangames, but this concept is actually so great (and actually pretty original!) that by subbing in your own original content for the Mario characters, you could actually profit off of this game and really have a shot as an independent developer.

I mean, you know Freedom Planet was originally a Sonic fangame, but after ditching the StH concepts it's got a HUGE following AND it's coming out on Nintendo's eShop channel later this year?

You could enjoy similar a greatness uwuSweatdrop
trust us, Just Do It

Actual criticism though: You may want to consider brighter colors not only for hilarity but also so it's more "readable" on phone screens, especially in sunlight (also, backlighting makes your assets look pretty murky)
I haven't played the game. but the video makes it seem like some of the weaker enemies take so long to do anything that they're basically just there to die easily and fill up time. That seems like kind of a waste
After reading the feedbacks here, read some unread reviews from its listing on the Play Store, chat with my friends about HT2 and couple of nights thinking. I decided to turn Highway Trouble 2 into an indie game.

I have already come up with my own characters and story. But the obstacles I am facing right now are:
- I do not have the ability to sprite backgrounds
- I cannot make original music tracks, I need a composer

One more thing, I need some suggestion for the title of the game.