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Full Version: Choo Choo !
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You hear that ? It's the Hype Train ! The Phantom Pain Hype Train !
And I've been riding it for far too long...

[Image: 77777523998fe8bc7a33230f2429e8d5-d91dhyi.png]
[Image: salute_by_zenaki-d97w2ca.png]

I'd love to get some C&C on those two. Especially the second one, couldn't seem to get the suit right, so I got bored with it and I didn't really know what I was doing there.
i think that the foreshortening on the first pic isn't working so well, it really looks like tiny arms. I would add a light outline on the arm in front of his leg for readability purposes.

i'm not so sure about the anatomy either, especially the kneeling leg. looks weird

the bottom one is good though, nice colors on both pixel arts
Thank you !

Was bored so I started playing dress up with a simpler outfit, and yeah I think I see what you mean on some places. Brought the kneeling leg much closer to the center. And yeah I've always been terrible at foreshortening, can't seem to get it right. Should the forearm be bigger ? Should the biceps be longer ? Ugh I really don't know.
Oh and the kneeling leg had a knee pad on the previous one, might have been why it looked that weird.
[Image: 1441310603-yv.png]
not pixelling thoughs, but purely design ones- may I suggest slightly shorter hair so the horn's more visible? Also the robot hand looks a touch too human.
I'm loving the comic book-ish look!

Got to agree with The KKM though, I couldn't even tell that gray region was the horn, maybe make it a bit more of a solid color to contrast with the hair shading?
I'm back baby !

Tweaked various things on Snake. Tried to make the pose look more natural, redid the prosthetic arm, made the front arm a tad longer, brought the kneeling leg closer to the center and made the hait a tiny bit shorter for the horn.

I'm also working on an Inside Out piece, started out with Joy. Not too sure about the arms/hands though.

[Image: 1446049603-tppp.png]

Hah putting those two on the same image makes it kinda weird.
there's something unsettling seeing snake and Joy in the same place

Joy's right hand definitely needs work, I think you're supposed to see a little of the palm? I dunno
Tried fixing that hand for way too long, couldn't. I'll try again later.

On another note, here's another weird combo.

[Image: 1446745197-tppp.png]

Here's the ref for the pose
i don't know, i think you should tone down on blue hueshift in this piece. While it looks good in your older pieces, i think this one in particualr would benefit from a different hueshift method

On ken, I meant. the blue girl looks great
Thank you for that comment ! Didnt see it, but yeah, his hair were waaay too orange.

[Image: 1446935358-tppp.png]

I'd need feedback for his arms. Especially the right arm. Foreshortening on a muscly arm. My worst nightmare.
the farther it is from us, the less detail it should have imo. it's not "photo accurate" but it would avoid drawing our eyes into unimportant parts of the piece. (this, for his right arm)