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Full Version: Doing things that haven't been done in years (F&TSWD's pixels thread)
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Trying to get back into pixel art after who knows how long it's been since started college back when I was using the username Diogalesu on here.

The goal for now is just to do a few fun sprites but eventually I'm going to start making some OC's

Rather than have a sprite from a video game I decided to try making a sprite based off one of the few cartoon shows that came out recently that I can watch and enjoy:
So yeah, Gravity Falls based sprites.

Starting off with Dipper, the reason why I'm having him hold out his arm is because when I did a rough sketch I had him holding the journal that is basically one massive plot device throughout the first season of the show and going into the first half of season two. Trouble is I'm not exactly sure how I'm even approaching the journal itself based on the perspective it should be, in fact I'm pretty sure somehow I might be screwing up somewhere with the journal itself which I'm keeping as a separate sprite at the moment. So I guess I'd love to see some C+C with that part.

Also if there's anything else that I should take into consideration please by all means don't hesitate to mention it, because it's been quite some time since I last did any pixel art and I'm probably slightly rusty. So I'm going to be taking all comments and criticisms to help improve whatever I can.

EVENTUALLY I'll sprite Mable but for now I'd rather focus on this particular sprite first before anything else using the the medium.
long story short your sprite is wonky, let me grab the official art for ya

[Image: 5358-13093-1000x1000.jpg]

as you can see this style is really smooth and round in many places. one could break him apart in many curve chapes, such as this

[Image: a3f519ee61d01cdebc8bbeb1479ed2cd.png]

And unfortunately that doesn't quite happen in your sprite - check out his body under the clothes!

[Image: 8b8d9e8165ab93a8231f16d08ec04416.png]

A tip would be to make the likes for the body first, then add the clothes later. It will help in correct placement of the fabric. Also there's a 45ยบ angle on his eyes instead of a smooth curve. You may want to avoid those in any wavy style such as these (or any modern cartoon tbh) because it's rather unnatural.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=5379]
A little more something like this per say or is it still a little wonky?