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Full Version: Needing help for Half-Life mod.
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Hello. My name is Epicnoob, part of the EpicGrungeon Team. My friend and I started planning for a mod named Half-Life: Science Team back in June, and came up with ideas until we put it on hold. The reason? We didn't know how to program, draw, or other skilled things. A few days ago, we came up with looking on forums. Now we need help.

So I'm going to list who we need and who's taken, also what you're going to do.

Resources/Sound Mixer [Adds two sounds together, also finds models ETC.] [Taken by Epicnoob]
Voice Actor [Voice acts extra voice clips if no clips are found of it.] [Taken by Degrungeon, my friend. If voices sound bad we may need more.]
Programmer [Codes in things that will need to be in game, also finds scripts and adds them to things, ETC.]
Modeler [Models characters, weapons.]
Artist [Draws textures, the logo of the mod, other things. If wanting to can draw logo of EpicGrungeon.]
Mapper [Creates all maps and events.]

Please either Gmail or reply, if you reply then I will ask you to post your experience on Gmail.

If you're wondering, we WILL work on more stuff. We're planning to make more mods like Half-Life 2: GoldSource, which is Half-Life 2 recreated in the GoldSource engine. Maybe even we'll make a game.
Before I start, welcome to the forums!
Also before I start, I will be flat out, straight to the point, I'm not being mean, just being honest,
You will not get anyone to sign up to this, so long as your mentality is "I don't know how to program, I don't know how to draw, I don't know how to model, I'll get someone else to do it" you're going to have to get yourself a bit dirty and knee deep in these things first, make no mistake, programming, modelling, designs, texturing, UI and map layout are not just another part of your mod, they are almost the entire thing! Thats a hefty workload to delegate when there's no guarantee you can orchestrate a project like this, nor any connections within the forums (friends will be friends and all that.
You'll notice this forum is jam packed with outstanding designers and artists who know colour and shape like the ninja turtles know pizza! As you can also tell by our game dev board there are a great many programmers here, while I doubt many of us will sign up to your project, we are all capable and willing to help you in learning, shared knowledge is worthy knowledge and all that jazz.
I invite you to pick what intrigues you most, do you like the props and details? do you like the shapely characters? do you like the flow of the level? or perhaps you like the mechanics, the triggers and interactions, what makes the game tick? well, pick a thing and jump into it, you'll never learn anything until you try,
once again, you need any help with these things, let us know, we have respective forums for them, we have a strong community with brilliant detective skills, I dare say a few people here could diagnose a cow by smelling its milk, they'll tend to push you in the right direction to improve and learn.
Welcome to the forums,