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Full Version: Hercules Beetle Knight "Halberd" (PLAYER)
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Hey, I mentioned I had something in the works and I don't want to BUG you guys, but I don't want to BEETLE 'round the bush here. My original reason for joining this forum was so I could be a part of the TFR project. I saw it and loved it and created by impulse. I know this isn't a representation of me, but with that said here.

[Image: Chart_zpsygshjlfr.png]
A slow and heavy but powerful warrior. Talented in close range combat, aerial combat and closing the gap between him and his opponent. His horns become various medieval weapons.

Out of 15 *s:
Attack: ****
Defense: ****
Speed: *
Jump: ***

I'll break down everything I have INSECTions. (ok, ok I'll stop)

Thank you so much.

Making progress. Got all Halberd's punch attacks done! Let me know if there are any issues.

[Image: 2_zps0ehsipd1.gif] [Image: 3_zpsnsgdqqug.gif] [Image: 4_zpsg7aovlaf.gif]

[Image: 1.5_zpskmtpsyfo.gif]Punch1- It's a two hitting punch. Both hits equal up to 1 strong hit. Also you just press punch once and both fists fly.

[Image: 1_zps91iypw7g.gif]Punch1 & 2- Press punch twice and four fists fly  making a 4 hit combo. The four hits count as 2 strong hits.

[Image: 6_zpskgh8g1n8.gif] Forward Punch- A lunging blade attack. Every knight needs a blade and Halberd's horns provide plenty a weaponry. (If it moves too slow you can take out the 3rd frame, This works like Metaru's forward kick.)

[Image: BPunch_zpsz1l2gbxe.gif] Backward Punch- Reverse Horn blade, knocks opponent into the air.(Works just like Gilbert's Back Punch)
I like this a lot. Up to now there really hasn't been any seriously heavy characters in the project yet.
Yea I wanted to contribute to the roster with like a Zangeef or Hugo type, every fighting game needs one. Question. Can the 2D fighter maker engine do air grabs? Like hugo in 3rd strike. But not with the grab button but as a quater circle move.

Skip to 2.33 he does a air grab.
Yeah! Air grabs are definitely possible. Meta already has a move that grabs people out of the air. Not EXACTLY the same, but equally complex.
Ok cool. Yea I wanted a sort've mid-air Zangief slam attack. Ok I'll get to work on it.
Ok completed Halberd's kick attacks.
[Image: Herk-Kick-ex_zpsypknttj9.gif] [Image: Herk-Forward-kick_zpsvfqp6olz.gif] [Image: Herk-Back-Kick_zpsf8oc1voa.gif]

[Image: Herk-Kick2_zps3e5eeyyn.gif] Kick - Halberd's does a four fist sledgehammer punch on his opponent.

[Image: Herk-Forward-kick2_zps6yyk6csn.gif] Forward Kick - Halberd's horns take full spin and drill into his enemies.(4 hits like Chaoxys forward punch)

[Image: Herk-Back-Kick2_zps2fyn1sbf.gif] Backward Kick - Halberd's horns become a beheading guillotine to chop his competitors down to size.
amazing work. everything looks smooth and fluid!! not to mention, the sprite work is also superb.

keep up the great work!!
Thanks man! I'm still chugging along to get the rest of the list done. 14 animations down 13 to go.
Duck attacks done!

[Image: Herk-Duck-punch-ex_zpshlgcbimx.gif] [Image: Herk-Duck-Kick-ex_zpsnwf7s5hj.gif]

[Image: Herk-Duck-punch_zps9vyf9wdq.gif] Duck Punch- Halberd's horn twist smacks his enemies on the way around.

[Image: Herk-Duck-Kick_zps7vd3kxfu.gif] Duck Kick - Every knight must joust, must! (This works like Gilbert's duck kick, and Neko's forward kick, but it can't be done over and over as fast as their's, so longer cool down time.)
Halberd Air Moves DONE!  Knocking the list out!

[Image: Herk-Jump-Punch-ex_zpsu5ch1hwz.gif] [Image: Herk-Jump-Kick-ex_zps1stqnmhs.gif]

[Image: Herk-Jump-Punch_zpsuhex0gux.gif] Jump Punch - A midair Royal Fist Bump to the face. (Works just like Metaru's jump punch, slams opponent down makes opponent bounce off the ground)

[Image: JUMP-PUNCH_zpshyoiyosi.gif] Jump Kick -  Flipping sword slash is an aerial threat.( This works just like Neko's air punch and can be done many times over in midair for a multihit combo)
I can't wait to see his specials. Big Grin
Yeah, these are awesome.
Thanks. It's encouraging to see some other comments in this topic. I have some cool ideas for specials but some will require strategy to execute. I'm glad you guys like, my desire to see him in the game is a good source of motivation.
I'm assuming you were gonna get around to it but since specials came up now's a better time to mention it than never!!

Since it sounds like you're considering making Halberd a slow straight-up grappler, he's gonna have a hard time dealing with projectile-dependent characters like Bombergirl (or even some Neko players). You may want to consider giving him something like Zangief's Banishing Flat (his green hand special) that allows him to dissipate projectiles (which I assume can be done in FM2K, TG?), and build that GOGNIO meter in the process, but also allows him to get some of the forward momentum he needs to close the gap between him and his opponent in order to pull off some Sick Halberd Grapples

ok the real reason is i just wanna see those antennae grow green as he pushes fireballs aside before he grabs his enemy rofl
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