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Full Version: Arisa
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[Image: 4iTo1Sy.png]

[Image: 00b8fa9188c197d1286ec34daa7b9b17.png]

Alternate Gors costume? Assist? New character? Hype!
im thinking an assist. arisa can probably work how maya does in uMvC3, flailing her arms or whatever at her opponents. this is very interesting though...
I know what she is, but not telling. Wink
[Image: arisa.PNG]
Looks like Gor's sister is gonna be in the game. I'm taking a major guess here.
[Image: VKeidad.gif]
best character confirmed
[Image: 4iTo1Sy.png]
[Image: 2b76de6705403e2c7af84f0755768bd4.png]

I'm late for the class!!
[Image: CKEAZr6.png]
[Image: ae199c0197adbbefb92f6cf6dadb7c65.png]
this is all so adorable
[Image: d49bdb97b06e239ea9e1d1a9aaa2009d.png]

Air defend
Can there be an air defend counter attack where a member bursts out of the coffin?
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