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Full Version: [WIP]Phoenix Wright style Personal Character
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So i've been playing Phoenix Wright again recently and since reobtaining a DS and i was a bit bored so decided to give spriting myself in a Phoenix Wright style a shot, obviously still WIP but C+C is appreciated, and the colours are all taken from official Phoenix Wright sprites Smile

[Image: DfxkpHH.png]

EDIT: Evidently the link to the image didnt work so i've fixed that, sorry guys Smile
[Image: HhLHLMy.png]

Bit of a minor bumpdate Smile

Not sure if double postings allowed or not if its for an update, if not wont happen again, sorry!


[Image: dBFC2LG.png]

The face is definitly giving me trouble, im not sure how to shae the hat either Very Sad
The sprite looks pretty good. I only suggest applying shading to his face...however is applied is up to you though, because I'm not sure what kind of shape his head is supposed to have. I can only imagine the side of his face getting some shading.
Haha, yeah, the face is the part im having issue with as its pretty much featureless, the shading there is literally minimal, just a bit under the hat and eyes and round the beard, very difficult to tell xD

[Image: qIvGNvX.png]

slight update anyways, just while i was waiting for any response, gonna keep trying some things on the face still Smile
[Image: l1VMiaf.gif]

Just a quick animation i knocked up using what i have already Smile
the sprite is okay, however it is not Phoenix Wright style in the slightest

you need to take the original artist's drawing style in to account. Of course, that's if you want to pursue this style further.