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Full Version: My Bug Phase
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Hey guys I'm new here and I've seen the talent around and you guys got some awesome stuff. So I'll set up camp amongst you rockstars and hopefully some of that talent will rub off on me.

With that said I'm going through a bug phase where I've been designing characters based off of insects.
Here is Yellow Jacket. He's a wasp.

[Image: Prev%205_zpse4dpif3q.png]
This was a hard decision. I'm leaning towards 3.

At the Sonic sprite world The Middle Ground I'm recognized by my Saiyan Echidna


[Image: 1.5_zpshnagewxo.gif]

You can see his sheet here.
I'm a sucker for designs with shapes like that. Looks pretty nice. I think any of the color schemes would be fine, but I think III might have the best distribution of black

It's...interesting to see a DBZ sonic character in this day and age, but it actually looks pretty well-done. I think I recognize the inspirations behind some of the poses, but the pose choices give it a lot of character anyhow
while im not fond of sonic fanchars (because 90% of the times they are boring and with no actual design), I guess this one goes to the actually good 10%

like, i kinda like the poses and the character's expressions. really nice
Thanks guys. Yea The Middle Ground is a sonic fan character world so I tried to fit in. And thanks Gors your sprites are pretty awesome as well especially Gilbert in TFR. I hope they are still making that because I have sone works on the way.
The bee seems to have some jagged edges, but I like the design. As for the echidna guy, I groaned when it loaded, but it's really animated/sprited pretty well. Good work.
You'll get to see the Saiyan Echidna in action in the Sprite Royal Rumble this year on September 1st.
Also he has a son who is a Cabbage Saiyan Echinda.

Meet Zink.

[Image: zink-fight-stance_zpsm7tynikh.gif]

This is an older sheet so it's not as polished as the first one.