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Full Version: Kirby Basic Sprites
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This is my first, so it may be bad. Even I think that.
Could someone tell if this needs changes or it's good to go?
Here it is.....
[Image: 2lj1hqu.png]
First of all: do you know what pixelart is about?

Pixelart is not a simple digital drawing. Despite all visual media being rendered in pixels when displayed on the screen, pixelart has the difference of using them as fundamental units to render them.

Have you seen Perler Beads? The idea is the same: these beads are placed strategically in order to form images.

What you have up there is a Kirby with wobbly outlines: you probably used the brush tool to draw him. Pixelart is all about strategically placing pixels to avoid wobbly lines and broken corners.
You're right. I did use that, I believe. That is why I put it over here, for feedback.
I know it's bad, you can right that, anyone can (Not that I give permissions around here.).
I will improve soon if I want to learn more.
PS: The page linked didn't work. I just looked it up on Google. I do remember those from somewhere.
As soon as I get my hands on a set, I'll try it out. (But probably no more custom sprites, maybe edited. That's one thing I'm bad
The lot of us were more or less awful (or somewhat mediocre at most) at a talent we take pride in. Simply stopping at attempting a skill because you're not good at it is a pretty silly reason (especially if you only dipped so much as a toe in it). These sort of things require hard work and determination, so don't feel down if your first few attempts aren't up to snuff. Just keep practicing, follow the critique you receive to the best of your ability, and you should be fine.
Thanks for the support. I was actually just gonna stop if said sheet was bad. And it's weird that
it took about an hour (But it doesn't look like it. I know & I agree.) I did laugh a bit realizing what you said.
Stopping what you attempted isn't going to make it better. - Me, 2015. (Sorry.) But seriously, I get what you meant and
it's okay that some people suck at doing things, we just shouldn't stop where we are and drop everything. We all have to
try! (Example~ everyone here doesn't give up. They try. It's just, I don't really have the hang of it, and, I will try it again and continue
to do things in life that would make a matter.)
I just wish I was as good as some of you guys.
These don't look that "bad" per se, but they're missing the point

You'd never see such big, unrefined lines on sprites in an actual kirby game because the sprites are made by carefully placing pixels in a way that gives the artist control of each individual pixel. I mean, you can draw the outline quickly... you don't literally have to go in and place each pixel slowly in each square one by one, but it should usually be done with a 1x pixel brush (aka the pencil tool in MS Paint) and it needs to be refined to the point where each pixel looks intentionally placed where it belongs. In other words, draw the outline and edit it until it looks right.

Your thick outlines form a lot of awkwardness:
the top right portion of the foot closest to us is too angular, the arms are bumpy, kirby's cheek thingies are too thick, the outline around the "sucking" pose is suddenly a lot thinner than the outline in the rest of them, and there's a lot of noise and imperfections in the outlines in general that are making it not look smooth or refined...

Basically the most important thing you need to do right now is to start making sprites with the pencil tool and not with whatever thick brush you've been using. I think someone with more experience could use a thicker brush and make it work, but it's not doing you any favors.