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Full Version: 25x25 items
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i made some items to be used in Below Kryll

[Image: DqrroKk.png]
[Image: lyGNaYQ.png]
[Image: NdUadCI.png] (this one has transparency)
[Image: HzRlTzp.png]
[Image: Zjn3oFf.png]
[Image: dUp3EJU.png]
[Image: FHMiNwi.png]
[Image: Ax3bLLl.png]
[Image: 6kPX2u2.png]
[Image: qn4bBAy.png]
[Image: rHXO9zf.png]
[Image: ANdN3jm.png]
Why not make a general sprite thread for your works? Your last one is still this page of the custom S/PA your one before that on Page 3...

But back on topic, these all look nice! Though maybe the flower with the transparency could be slanted/curved a bit. Like this :
[Image: wpVFuaN.png] <- It's a bit stretched, but the dandelion (I think your sprites of one?) is kinda curved.  Do it if you want though
my unwritten guideline considers that if my thread isn't in the first two pages of the forum, then it's too old for a comeback (unless it actually adds to THAT topic in question)

also the other topic is about pixel typography - which i find different enough to warrant its own thread

I'll edit the dandelion tho! thanks for your sugestion
[Image: OWHSPMA.png]

The dandelion seed pod was edited to be slanted! Thanks for your c+c

I also made a few more items:

[Image: YIdYeNf.png]
[Image: aDOvjxu.png]
[Image: vBw2QmL.png] <- looks like shit in bright BGs
[Image: Jp00Bjn.png]
[Image: JxsYApT.png]
[Image: SY3et8z.png]
[Image: YLD6BNc.png]
[Image: 2tbGu5r.png]
[Image: SLGSinB.png]
[Image: ovHToFz.png]
[Image: XOo2gF1.png]
[Image: QHNEOxM.png]
[Image: apq1sdU.png]
[Image: 4P4wguS.png]
[Image: RddKxSf.png]
[Image: LGeoi73.png]
[Image: FwyJkvP.png]
[Image: HZkXQW4.png]