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Full Version: Project Time (WIP name)
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Project Time is a 2D platfromer-shooter hybrid that stars cute cuddly cats in a rather dangerous situations.

This has been an Indie project of mine for awhile (It's actually been near the 1st anniversary of the game). Sadly, most of it has been getting flash optimization and the engine properly working. Although, I am not proud of it.

Why, you ask? The fact I'm using a programming language that isn't my favorite, as I used Stencyl. Which in short, is more of an educational tool than a game making tool. Sure, some decent flash and indie games are made on it. But what brings me down is that is has an issue similar to game maker, you have to pay all these crazy fees if you want more than flash publication and proper user-hardware based game support (Which even GM has for free, I think)

In short, I'm thinking of doing a re-code on a more proper programming software. As I can max out more optimization than Flash could any day and time.



[Image: ReuxkIn.png]

[Image: hyR8WDi.png]

2-player co-op is planned, but I may cut it out since split-screen is slowing the game down to a crawling FPS of 30-25, rather than 60.

[Image: QyoIBUK.png]

Here's a link to a demo flash. Although, there is no full-screen for the game, sadly. Since it runs worse than split-screen on full-screen.

Click here


WASD - Move/jump

S - Interact with objects

R - Swap weapon

Q - Swap fire mode

P - Pause

Click to shoot, mouse to aim.

Ctrl + 1 - Opens command console

Criticism is welcomed.