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Full Version: Distorted Travesty 3 (advice wanted)
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Hello there,

so there's a game currently in production called Distorted Travesty 3 which is pretty close to release. It's an action RPG platformer that pays homage to all the great games of our past that a lot of us grew up with as kids and enjoyed playing like Megaman, mario, Zelda or Metroid.

The website for this game can be found here:

In any case I do have some sort of small request for you guys. I don't want anything new to be ripped but rather ask you guys about any existing sprite for a certain attack.
We from the DT 3 dev team look for sprites for a certain boss attack.

The boss I'm talking about is Menace from Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow:

Now look at this screenshot from Distorted Travesty 3:

Instead of these rather ugly lava pillars we look for something else, as the boss is a giant skeleton like beast (not in the screenshot) we Look for some sort of giant skeletal sword or a steak or something fitting to a skeleton shooting out of the groundAny links to fitting sprites would be VERY welcome.

The sprite should be able to extend from the ground to the top of the room similiar to these lava geysirs in the screenshot, so it should be long. It could be something like a skeletal sword or a cool moving pointy spine, something that looks nice and could be an attack that fits to Menace.
The stakes that Menace is producing at the start of the fight in above video would not work for example as they are very thin and thus wouldn't fill out these spaces between the platforms as seen on the screenshot I posted you guys.

I didn't know where to ask and thought that this place might be my best bet for nice suggestion from you guys. You know a lot of tilesets and sprites, so it would be nice if you knew of a few sprites that might fit for this fight. Keep in mind though that it doesn not have to be a sprite from a Castlevania game as long as it fits the theme of the boss (skeletal), the graphical style and the proportions.

Thanks in advance.