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Hello everyone! I'm here to talk about my main project, Mystical Legion.

This game originally started out as a game about the Twelve Olympians against Hades(it was more than just that, but it's not important right now). After a while, we ( my currently-three-person "team") decided to change the story completely, and so we did. The game now has nothing to do with the Olympians, save for some characters retaining their Olympian names.

Here's a little preview of the game's story:

"Deep inside a dungeon, lurks a powerful being known as Adonis. Due to fear of his manslaughter and his great power, Emperor Suez sealed him away after a fierce battle. A woman named Mephes, who wished to stage a coup, to start her own empire, found Adonis' power to be quite useful, and freed him, in the premise of doing her a favor..."

The main protagonist is Artemis, a young lady, and new recruit to the forest guild known as the Crystal Owls, one of the five main guilds in the region of Hollowmoor(name not quite set in stone just yet, though we are thinking of keeping it).

We plan on making the game a 2D metroidvania Action RPG, with something called a Squad System (more on that after we finalize it, sorry). The map itself, is more castlevania than metroid (one big map, instead of separate smaller maps).

The engine has been progressing rather slowly, but that'll change soon enough. The engine, is currently using the "classic" style of the sprites, while i fix up the current one( the ones I've shown in my sprite thread are getting "revamped" a bit). The game is being made in Game Maker Studio.

Here's a little preview of the classic style:

[Image: EUyWVa2.png]

Once the engine's completed, I'll make a little video showcasing it. I'll also show updates of the style, so keep watch!

If there's any questions related to story, gameplay, or anything else, really, don't be afraid to ask, whether it's through PM's or posts below. I'll try to answer most, if not all questions depending on what they're about.

Oh, and one more thing. If anyone would like to help us with this project, with sprites, art, music , etc. that would be much appreciated! Other than myself(main programmer and spriter), there is one spriter and one artist. There might be a writer soon, but it's not a sure thing just yet. Anyways, thank you for taking your time to read through this, and I hope you all enjoy my game idea!
This isn't much of an update, but, Artemis design got her "small" update, finally.

[Image: hIIITxi.png?1]

Ponytail is a thing.

I'll edit this post with the female NPC after her update is done. If all goes well, my next post will be an engine update. If you have ANY (anything NOT related to the games story, though you can ask about the character backgrounds and I'll keep it short) questions, feel free to ask below, or through PM. I'll be sure to answer most, if not all.
Decided to post the others so the thread itself gets updated.

[Image: P1TlzNY.png]
can you provide those sprites in 1x zoom?

as for the game, how does it play?
(08-01-2015, 01:13 PM)Gors Wrote: [ -> ]can you provide those sprites in 1x zoom?

Here you go:

[Image: VH70VDW.png]

Quote:as for the game, how does it play?

It will be a metroidvania game, that plays more like a Castlevania than a Metroid. There is something called a Squad System, which is similar to a party system in most RPG's. Each character will have their own way of fighting; Artemis, being a ranged character, using bows and different kinds of arrows as well, and possibly something else (we aren't completely finished with this idea yet). I've recently considered giving each character a unique action based on the way they fight, such as backdashing, though that idea is just that; an idea. You'll be able to level up and depending on your character, you might get new attacks.

Anything else you would like to know, regarding this?
this sounds interesting! color me interested. this reminds me a little of Popful Mail, a SNES/SEGA CD game. it was a platformer RPG with changeable characters, you could give it a try for some inspo if you didnt play it yet
Just to prove we're not dead, (though I guess actual progress on the game would be better, but I'm having a little trouble finishing the animations and new designs for characters. You'll just have to wait a little bit longer) here's some Artemis sketches done by one of our main artists, Rees-Bees (online name she's known by). (link because it's a pretty big image.)
I look forward to seeing this progress!

We've recently decided to do a little "contest" in which people would submit character ideas they think would fit into our game; be it Hunters, Guild Leaders, or even possibly, the third playable character.

As we haven't really gotten as far to have everything "Important" regarding the region of Hollowmoor to actually say exactly how flexible, there are little restrictions at the moment, however I'll list them below.

Contest Rules:

- Submissions won't be given a numerical score; instead, we will be reviewing them based off of how they are, and how they would fit into the game.

- The amount of submissions allowed, are ONE for a normal character and ONE idea for the playable character. If you'd like to make your character act as a submission for both, I'll allow it, but just make sure you mention it.

- Submissions do not require any form of visual representation. If you feel like you won't be able to enter because you can't draw, think again. As long as you write up a decent description, you're fine. But, if you feel like doing a sketch or something instead of writing a description, you're free to do that too.

- For playable character submissions, keep in mind of the other two characters playstyles:

  Artemis is a ranged character that uses Bow and Arrows.
  Her Unique skill is a backdash.
  She has higher HP, but has lower Attack.

  Athena is a close-range character that uses Sword and Shields.
  Her Unique skill is blocking (and Parrying, if I can figure out how to get shields to work)
  She has higher Attack, but lower Intelligence.

-For playable character submissions: No guns, or weapons too similar to the ones the two characters used.

Things to consider:

-This game is in a Fantasy setting, involving more magic, than technology.

-There are different guilds, with different kinds of character types, keep them in mind, when writing the description:

- Crystal Owls (Forest area, elegant and swift hunters)
- Emerald Hawks (Mountain area, wise men who had incredible knowledge)
- Ruby Vipers (Desert area, most aggressive guild that fought many battles)
- Iron Golems (Cave area, strong but not very bright)
- Blood Sages (Nomads, Insane followers of their now captured necromancer Leader)

Submission Period:

Submission Period will begin January 23rd at 12:00 AM EST and end February 20th at 12:00 AM EST

Here is the "submission template" or whatever:


Character name:



What role would the character have in the game?
- Third playable character*
- Guild Leader
- Hunter (You can specify whether the character is Low/Normal/High Rank if you'd like)
- Other (Please Specify) **

Overall Design / Description:

*If character ends up as a playable character:

Combat Style (range, focus on melee/magic/skills, etc):
Weapon(s) of Choice (if any):
Unique Skill:

**Other roles require a background story. Other roles may include the following:

Merchant (Can be a Traveling Merchant)
Freelance Hunter
Guard (at the Kingdom in Hollowmoor)


If you have a question about the role of your character being accepted, or any questions regarding this contest in general, just send me a PM.

Oh, and one more thing; most, hopefully, ALL submissions will be in the game one way or another. If your character did not win the position you wanted, if you'd like, they can be added to the game as a "special" NPC.

Well, that's that. I wish you all luck and can't wait to see the submissions!
Submission period has begun!

Can't wait to see what you guys can come up with!
i could design a character, why not
Not a submission, just a suggestion: you have a quick guy and a strong guy, if we follow the usual archetype, the next char. should be a mage of some type.  In the greek mythology, Poseidon or Zeus would probably be great choices for a mage char. If its poseidon, his ability could a wave that knockback enemies.
But yeah,Its pretty hard to say without seeing more about the game.
(02-06-2016, 03:09 PM)daemoth Wrote: [ -> ]Not a submission, just a suggestion: you have a quick guy and a strong guy, if we follow the usual archetype, the next char. should be a mage of some type.  In the greek mythology, Poseidon or Zeus would probably be great choices for a mage char. If its poseidon, his ability could a wave that knockback enemies.
But yeah,Its pretty hard to say without seeing more about the game.

We've actually discussed mage characters, but we would like to first see what other people might have in mind. Thanks for said suggestion, though. Also, Not sure if you're mentioning it just as an example, but this game is no longer about greek mythology. If you were mentioning it just as an example, then, my bad.
New character sprite: Ophelia Ivris. Still can't decide on hair color, but for now i'll just leave it at one of these two. It'll be decided eventually:

[Image: gLuolOf.png]
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