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Full Version: LuigiM9's Sprite Showcase
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Hey, look, pixels. This is where all of my sprites will go, if the title didn't tip you off.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!
Is this supposed to be a custom sprite or an edit of an already existing sprite? I understand that this is a WIP, but when you're at least recoloring parts of a sprite (and this also goes for creating custom sprites), don't forget to take shading into account. I don't mean for this to sound rude, but unless it is part of a brilliantly executed style (see the Mother games for what I mean by this), sprites without shading look dull due to a lack of depth. Since you're trying to emulate the sprite style of one of the Mario & Luigi games, keep in mind that the sprites are shaded a certain way to give them that distinct look. A character like King Boo is a good place to start, but keep in mind that if you want to tackle more complex characters, you're going to need a large amount of practice before you nail the style. In fact, even though I do a good job with pixels from time to time, I'm still unable to convincingly replicate the style with something as simple as Mr. Saturn.

Also, are you using the official palette from the game to create/recolor this sprite? I don't recall if this is one of the official colors or not, but the grey around the eyes is not too appealing to me due to its lack of color. If it was me, I'd use desaturated shades of blue and purple for my grey colors instead of using anything from your typical greyscale. Still, if the official sprites use greyscale values like that instead of hue shifting, then I guess you're good to go.

Anyway, don't feel discouraged and just keep trying. A lot of the other spriters are more experienced than I am, so you could ask them for any additional pointers if needed.
This is a custom sprite with a few edited parts from the normal Boo. If you look, he's noticeably larger than the normal Boo. I have actually shaded it a bit, but I guess I didn't notice how little there was. Also, this is indeed the official palette. I tried the desaturated blues/purples and I'm torn between them. I'm leaning towards A right now, though.

[Image: 18NVulJ.png]

I've also been told that the curves don't look thick enough, but when I added AA to them, they looked bloated, if that makes any sense.
Hm, it's a nice start! A lot of the form checks out and the shading seems accurate enough.

This is the Luigi's mansion version of King Boo right?

I'd say darken the shading around his eyes, really give them that sunken-in look and contrast the eyes (it's a little hard to tell they're even that red from the resolution) and perhaps take a bit of shading off the middle of his brow, make a little more like a scowl. I can't tell if this applies to LM1 King Boo, it's a bit hard to see from any images but in the sequel at bit meaner than a normal boo in terms of the default expression.

I think if you can get around that, it should look great, you seem to have the style down convincingly (at least to me) and that's usually the hardest part.
((You should check out the edited post))

Yeah, this is the Luigi's Mansion design. It's primarily based off of this artwork. The mouth is more vertical, and his eyes are red instead of the pinkish-purple from the sequel, though I've changed that. I'll see if I can change the brow.

Also, I think I'm going to go with A.
(just did, my bad... must have been posted at the same time you edited!)

And yes that's a bit better, although I'm more partial to B myself since it highlights the red a bit more, considering the shadows around KB's eyes are usually pitch black.

But ultimately, it's up to you. Smile
[Image: yVC6bqH.png]
I went with B in addition to changing the brow, adding some shading, and making the eyes purple. Did it look better with red eyes?
[Image: PxyMymx.png]
Here's a version with AA on the curves.
I think AA on the curves looks better!

As for eyes, it looks similar enough that you may as well keep the red eyes if going with blue mouth. Though you could have an alternate with the purple eyes and purple mouth/tongue to act as a Luigi's Mansion 2 version! Shaping up nicely though!
At this point, it's more of a fusion between the two designs rather than just picking one of them, so I think i'm going to keep the purple eyes/blue mouth.
[Image: TCJKtSh.png]
the new

I'd say it's mostly done. I just need to work on some different angles, then I'll move onto the animations.

I based the jewel crown off of this sprite. If it's too similar, I'll change it.
[Image: vFFrVUm.png]
Is it okay for me to triple post?
At this point, I'm going to do the base for the side, and then work on the intercardinal directions.
[Image: XLYQUrk.png]
Tough crowd.

This will probably be the final revision of the front facing sprite, unless somebody further critiques it.
That looks pretty good. I don't really see any other way to fix it? There might be but I'm just trying to make a contribution without saying anything utterly useless.

It just looks really good! ((It's probably just me but for some reason the center of the eyebrows where there's a tiny bump looks kind of off to me.))
No, you're not the only one to say that, but I feel like it looks weird with the older brow I did.  What I attempted to do with this latest sprite is find a happy medium.
Blue around the eyes gives it a spookier look, I think. How's this?
[Image: a1KLowC.png]
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