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Full Version: SYSTOLE: a magnetic adventure platformer for PC and consoles!
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“Devoid of purpose, we can only strive to find our own.”
As a little robot, you awake in a twisted mechanical uterus. With no instructions, you embark on a quest to discover the mysterious world you were born to, the events that led to your birth, and, eventually, yourself.
SYSTOLE is a breathtaking adventure that blends acrobatic challenges and exploration in a 2.5D platformer. It is currently being developed for PC, Mac and consoles.
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Wielding the power of magnetism, you’ll be able to swing from poles, attach to various surfaces and repel yourself from platforms while devising fast and clever ways to overcome challenges and hostiles that stand before you. 
During your travels, you’ll come across fragments of past robots’ memories that will show you glimpses of history, pieces that will add up to reveal larger forces at play, and your place within them.

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“Like poles attract, unlike poles repel”
Magnetism is at the core of SYSTOLE. In the game, you'll be able to trigger your positive or negative magnetic fields, while objects in the world have their own magnetic polarities. By coordinating whether to attract or repel yourself from them, you will be able to traverse the world, access new paths, use enemies as weapons, shields or vehicles, and much more!
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-Explore huge and fascinating environments that change as you learn to manipulate them.
-Open world allows you to play areas in any order.
-Reroute System! As you activate each level, you’ll be able to reroute their power to other levels to change them. For example, if you reroute the Cooling System level to the Forge level, every magma pit will be frozen, opening new paths to explore.
-Use magnetism to attract or repel yourself from countless mechanisms and overcome obstacles and hostiles.
-Unlock new masks that allow you to see hidden things, strengthen your magnetic fields and enhance your abilities.
-Collect hidden memories to access additional plot elements that will change the way you experience the story.
-Amazing aesthetic from the hands of professional 3D artists and renowned illustrators.
     Systole will enter a crowdfunding campaign later this year featuring a playable demo.

For more information:
Systole’s website:


Steam Greenlight (We have an early playable prototype posted here!):


Twitter: @SystoleGame

COCO Collective Consciousness consists of some of the greatest minds in the Venezuelan scene, joined together by their desire to make engaging games that plant seeds of thought into the minds of gamers.
COCO Collective Consciousness is about the transmutation of entertainment into enlightenment.
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