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Full Version: Super Mario Flashback
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[Image: sEeALEs.png]

Super Mario Flashback is a fan game that works to combine the mechanics of 2D and 3D Super Mario titles. It features 4 different playable characters, 2 interesting minigames, 9 worlds based on older Super Mario titles and over 35 Power Stars. The music is made by Can of Nothing. (Unfinished)



The demo will be released this July.

Also, I'm looking for a spriter for this project.

I'm trying to sprite for this project, but everything is beyond my spriting skills. I need someone can sprite in Mit's style.

I need:
Custom Powerups for Mario
Luigi animations

Please send me a PM if you think your spriting skills are enough. Without any spriters, I cannot continue this project.

I'm looking for only 1 spriter at the moment.
I like the look of this so far.

However, my only two (personal) issues with it are:

1. The background. I don't know why, but something seems wrong about how it's set out and how it scrolls. Maybe it's the way the two BG layers are set up, it just seems a bit disorientating.

2. Wall kicks.

I'm going to take a lot of hell for the latter criticism, but... I've pretty much never seen wall kicking mechanics used well in a 2D Mario fan game. I've played what seems like hundreds of Mario hacks with it, and a fair few fan games too. Almost all of them seem to have the mechanic be annoying as hell to pull off.

But maybe I'll change my mind when I actually get to play it.

That said, most of the graphics used do look nice. So well done to Mit for drawing them.
I believe a good wall kick is somewhere between rage and serenity, jokes aside,
the background I agree is quite strange, it could be that the clouds scroll faster than the hills, or that there is no frame of reference between the hills and the foreground, or they could be scrolling too fast too, I mean they are far far away hills
Well, I don't see any problems with the background, it scrolls nice imo. And the wall jump will be similar to Super Meat Boy's. But you can't wall jump with just one wall.

Also, I have something new to show.
[Image: Lc3ipMM.png]
It gives me the vibe as the save room for Super Mario Land 2: Legend of the Six Golden Coins, which I like. By the way, the colors for the border walls and floor as well as the Warp Pipes are very bright and saturated. Might I suggest toning them down to be more pleasing to the eye?
Wow! Good work. I love the concept.
I'd suggest that, when Mario is knocked backward midair, he flies backward, does a backward flip and returns to his falling animation so that players can be more comfortable battling enemies midair.
What I'm imagining won't actually cause Mario to lose any height, but he will lose a little bit of distance.
I can probably do more than a few sprites for you. I'm not exactly the most reliable person for something like this, though.
I hope maybe a few Sunshine or 64 levels can be in a future world or such? This looks awesome already.
(07-26-2015, 05:06 PM)SuperMario123311 Wrote: [ -> ]I hope maybe a few Sunshine or 64 levels can be in a future world or such? This looks awesome already.

I totally agree. I hope this really does get more recognition! This project is great Smile

aren't you concerned that you may be infringing Nintendo's copyrights?
(08-01-2015, 09:42 AM)spritesheet Wrote: [ -> ]Mors,

aren't you concerned that you may be infringing Nintendo's copyrights?

As long as no profit is made, fan games are perfectly okay. It's fair use. Still, should the owner of the property feel threatened, they can always send a C&D, which only really happens to really big projects or fan remakes.
Looks great from what I can see so far, I'll be tracking this Big Grin
The file selection screen is a neat concept (a little like the one from Super Mario Land 2, where Mario became a bomb when you chose to erase files), but there's something I don't really like about the graphics and colours used. Seems far too bright and over the top, kind of like the toy world in those old Speedy Eggbert games (and trust me, that's not a good thing).

Maybe try for more of a LEGO like style, kind of like the graphics used in Super Mario Advance's boss rooms.