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Full Version: NES Demakes
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I'm thinking this can be an open topic for anything demake-related that doesn't really warrant its own thread
and since im in love with demakes id like to have a thread collecting them kinda

Soo as you guys may have noticed i have a youtube channel where i post chiptune covers of songs, and i make mockups to illustrate the videos

so yeah first of all : symphony of the night
I was inspired by this guy who shows great economy in his tile use
to then make a mockup with no such tile economy whatsoever hehehe
[Image: eljj9sH.png]
so the yellow one is the mockup seen in the video, but ive made it better since as you can see, changing the palette and in general making it a bit more tile-efficent

and yeah recently i did the song Fortuna from starfox so here' my rendition of what starfox couldve lookd like on the NES (with different sizes of the same sprites for a 4-layer "fake" 3D)
[Image: Ix7HHC7.png]
(notice how for both mockups, the hud uses only 1 4-color palette, but there's plenty that can be done with that)

EDIT : too many colors, here's a better version
[Image: LXYGMZv.png]
after seeing this and shawn's sprites, i think i might pull a mock-up or two just to get back into the groove!
[Image: Splatoo_NES.png]
I have been inspired!
I would make the BG props light gray as not to melt together with the blue characters

and I'd also make it a horizontal split 2P game to fit with the game idea (compete against each other)

The characters could have white as skin color as to produce more contrast - this way the characters will pop out more than the BGs - and I really like how ink simmers down into the ground: it's a nice way to reproduce the painting gimmick on 2D perspective.
I considered that, but look at the blue Inkling right in front of the oil pump. He really doesn't blend in with the background, even though he shares shades with it. Adding grey to replace one of the blues would have made the sky look really awkward. I also considered making it split-screen, but I really wanted to nail the platformer aestetic, and I didn't think the NES would be able to handle two scrolling backgrounds at once.

If I was aiming for a more game-accurate Splatoon design, without the backgrounds and tiles I wanted to practice making, I'd have made it a black-field, top down game, like Pac-Man or Clu-Clu land. But I wanted to nail the environmental aesthetic in a platformer setting. I might try to make the black field version too, though....
this is what i meant about the bg

[Image: 70536f2738125a88aeecdedf7cc080fe.png]
Is that allowed by the NES rules? I thought the background palette was limited to four colors too.

If not, then... yeah I guess that works.
I'm pretty sure you can change palettes between tiles.

That said, that brings up a good question regarding how strict the limitations for demakes in this thread should be. Should they be accurate to NES limitations, or just follow the general feel ala Shovel Knight?

outside of that, your concrete tiles are too noisy imo; also really recognizable tiling
well the limtations are harsh but still theres plenty that can be done while following them all
and yes can change palettes each tile but that means that you assign palettes by every 16x16 region, and not every 8x8 region
in total you are only allowed 4 four-color palettes, one of those 4 colors is present in all four palettes
so all in all that means you can have 13 different colors onscreen using only tiles (the way it works is exactly like the sprite palettes, but instead of transparency you pick one common color)
and for any one screen (or "level" if you have scrolling in your game) you are allowed a set of 256 8x8 background tiles as well as 256 sprite tiles
also note you can only have 64 sprites onscreen at any given time
[Image: HzWic8D.png] here's a thang i made for a videooo