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Full Version: stealth horror game idea which engine use?
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Depends on what you know about programming, honestly. If you're interested in learning a language, or if you already know JavaScript or C#, then I'd recommend Unity with their user-friendly interface and ability to develop both 3D and 2D games. If you're learning a programming language, I'd recommend C# as you can take that beyond game development, and it's pretty simple once you figure it all out.
program a game is equal the a software?

I have difficulty of understand tutorials of make games in c++ by be in English

I found tutorials about program in c++ in my language native

my language native is Portuguese
Por favor, desculpe a tradução do Google. Mas sim, software de programação é um pouco perto de programação de um jogo. E, apesar de querer ir direto para a sua ideia de jogo de terror, é melhor ser melhor para programar algo simples de texto, movendo-se a coisas como Pong, em seguida, tendo a sua ideia de jogo.

Então, novamente, este é proveniente de alguém que mal consegue programa em tudo, então ...


Please excuse the Google Translation. But yes, programming software is somewhat close to programming a game. And, despite wanting to go straight to your horror game idea, you'd best be better off programming something simple out of text, moving up to things like Pong, then taking on your game idea.

Then again, this is coming from someone that can barely program at all, so...