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Full Version: Fly, Little Dragon!
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Playable in the browser, unless you're using Chrome, then download the Windows version.

FLD is a game about a teeny dragon named Hida who wants to explore the world, but his gryphon mama, Sveti, doesn't approve, and wants to bring him home... even if she has to eat him to do it!

Control Hida to dodge oncoming birds, catch cereal to keep up your stamina, and stay away from Sveti's scary beak. Some graphics are from other games, but I'm working on replacing those. Sveti's animations are also incomplete, as are some gameplay mechanics.
It is pretty fun, but every time you get eaten the game, the game does not restart.
You have to press F2 to restart; I haven't made the game-over screens yet.

The game has been updated so now it's got fully-custom graphics, high scores, and achievements. You need to be logged into Game Jolt to use the last two new features, though, so if you aren't already registered, please use this link:
The game is almost done! I just have to do some art for it, and add the game over screen and a couple achievements.
Do you actually make enough money from gamejolt for it to be worth it? I was recently told the ad service can be rewarding. Perhaps my 50+ non-public projects could go somewhere after all.
It doesn't offer much unless you get a ton of page views or a ton of games made. Of course, I'm thinking I could come up with a good perpetual game that will get me lots of views, though I don't plan to make it my main income. XD
I guess it depends what you consider "a lot" of money. I'd do anything to earn even a few cents per day at the moment xD
I make about 1c per day, heheh. Also, new update; it's almost done!