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Full Version: M&L: Beanbean Circuit Revival
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So about 2003 I was part of a group working on a Mario Kart style game using sprites from the M&L series (You can read up about it here). Long time ago I know, so this is sort of a revival of that concept (ish). I say ish as this is not really a project that I intend on working into a final product, but instead is a project I am working on while learning about the technical side of game development in HTML5 and javascript. However I thought if I made something while I learnt that it would test skills and hopefully someone would find it of interest.

So there are a few differences from the game prior, thought I would show off some screenshots of the build to highlight them.

[Image: mlbbc_1.png]
The previous versions were sideview, while interesting I did feel that tracks would loose some of that karting feel, so they are 8 directional and allows for more typical Karting play.

 [Image: mlbbc_2.png]
I really want to take across some more elements from M&L and not just the art style. Attacks and elements will most likely come from the series as a whole.

 [Image: mlbbc_3.png]
RPGs tend to be about battling bosses so working in a similar concept as well. I'll go into more detail when I have a build complete and or video of the build created.

So yes that really is all I wanted to show off right now, hopefully more to follow as I get a chance to work on some things in my free time. Oh and of course thought I would mention that I plan on this being open source so if folk are interested in things they see they can have a look at the code but being the first test project I doubt it will be all too advanced to devs.
Sadly not much progress as I have been travelling the country BUT I recently downloaded Pixelmator for iPhone. Whats interesting with this is that it actually gives an interesting environment for laying out levels. Normally I would do this using Pixelmator on mac but the interface and controls is quite cool. Also lets you see what you are working on as if it was an iphone app. Might see about developing something similar for laying out a level as apart from coding it up there is nothing that makes this sightly more user friendly since this would be javascript it could be adapted for other systems. Using Phaser.js currently. But interesting non the less that I thought I'd show off.

[Image: 2015-05-28%2015.52.35.gif]
Oh I remember this back during the MFGG hey days when Mario gamer was still around.

I wish you good luck on this, top down 2D sprite racers are few and far between
Yeh was a lot of fun working on it back then as it was hopefully going to put a lot of the sprites people made during the m&l time to good use.

And cheers. Hopefully something nice comes out of this all other than knowledge of a new framework.