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Full Version: Trouble having my fish swim
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Hello, I'd really appreciate some advice on this. I am trying to animate a barracuda type fish. The issue is that I can sort of visualize the fish's fins moving back and forth but when it comes to actually animating, it seems to be a much more difficult task. What I have so far looks like he is swimming in some sort of octopus like motion instead of in and out. some advice or help is welcomed.

[Image: U7Lu27D.gif]
You could make it look like it's flapping side to side by having it flatten, then on each pass, have it turn light on one and dark on the other, as though the light is hitting it from different angles. Having the tip of the fin curl and overlap will enhance this effect.
The best way to animate, in all instances, is to find references.

Games such as EVO: the Search of Eden is what you need - go check it out and study its sprites.