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Full Version: Character base (muscles needed) C+C
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[Image: VIcc3sQ.png]
Here is my latest and greatest muscle baby! Yes I know muscle baby bases are frowned upon, but I aim to expose the details at times, and also they could help me hypothetically animate it. 

Here is what I can see being wrong here....
1. The perspective is a little "odd" I can't quite tell if the abdominal area is wrong for the piece...
2. The arms could use more shape...not sure if it needs outline adjustment or more shading
3. Unless I messed up somewhere there are 3 might need some blending but that is definitely not a strong point.
4. The stance...personally I like how dynamic it is but I could be wrong.

I haven't the foggiest on where to go from here as I never tried a base of this caliber and wouldn't know how to rotate it or animate it. That all being said I'm very proud of this piece and would love to see it's potential.

Please teach me how to do these things so that I may do this piece justice.

I will be posting any future updates here. Thank you for your time
muscly big headed humans are really unusual, usually this 'chibi' style is used to portray people in a simple manner (it's basically stick figures, Japanese style).

I suggest using either a smaller head or a bigger body so the head isn't 1/2 of the character.

as for posing, the character's legs are too far apart and his arms should be foreshortened because of perspective

[Image: 82d2f216b2300e35a9456fb4a91e4366.png]

doodle showing what i mean
the character design I'm going for is based on a more fighting oriented look
influences like zenonia 5
[Image: Zenonia-5-Wheel-of-Destiny-Berserker.png]

the reason the heads are big is as maplestory demonstrates the larger face allows for a more relatable character
[Image: MapleStory-Wallpaper.jpg]

nonetheless I made a few edits based on what you said
[Image: KvlRSsY.png]
even though you said that, none of the examples are brawny as your sprites: the power is implied more on the clothing than the actual placement of the muscles.

notice that in the first example the hand is smaller compared to the shoulder, due to perspective. you should try aiming for that
Here is a earlier attempt [Image: P7w8iMs.png]