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Full Version: The Forum Collaboration Project
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The Forum Collaboration Project is an idea i've had for a while now.

I'm taking a bunch of members from many other forums and we're all going to be in a Sonic-esque platformer.

Here's what it looks like as of a few days ago:

I was hoping that you guys would be interested in joining this project since i'm trying to get as many people in the game as I can (we already have ~15 or so.)

So, anyway, if you would like to join this project, i'll need you to do these things for me:

Note: The character you want to represent you can be anyone you want (including your OC) as long as no one else is using the same character.

Another Note: Do not post your character stuff here, please PM me it.

1) You need to make your character's sprites! (if you honestly cannot send me sprites, send me your character's concept design and i'll see what I can do).
Sprites needed, please:
2) Your character needs these stats:
3) Your character needs at least one attack.

You can also make voice clips for your character, but that is optional.

MEMBERS THAT HAVE JOINED (forum sorted by color):
Please give feedback and tell me what you think!
What size should the sprite be?
(04-30-2015, 06:25 AM)awesome jitter Wrote: [ -> ]What size should the sprite be?

I would say 32x50 or some size about that amount.