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Full Version: Ice Climbers
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(03-23-2015, 03:08 PM)Gors Wrote: [ -> ]A new Ice Climbers game should be a puzzle platformer where you control both characters to beat levels. Each world is one mountain, and each mountain has several stages, each one going higher in height.

First levels have vegetation and rocks, as well as animals. Middle levels get rockier terrain and goat as enemies. Top levels are snowy with condors, seals, yetis and polar bears (to match the original NES game).

Before starting the game you choose your main Ice Climber (you can choose between Popo and Nana). In the levels, you will control your main climber while the other will follow you SSB-style. While the other climber follows you, your hammer attacks get stronger and you can do the tether jump to reach higher places.

You can also leave the secondary climber in a definite spot (i.e over a switch) to activate traps and help solving puzzles.

By pressing "select" you can switch the active climber to another one so both can advance coordinately. Of course 2P co-op is also possible.

You get bonus points if you pick all vegetables and reach the end.

falling into holes will instantly kill the climber; this may break the level, requiring a redo. However you can also beat a level with only one climber remaining if that's the case. Levels beaten with one climber lost will be marked in the world map so you can attempt it again without losing any climbers.

Make this happen.

[Image: 7499a85a00d0d5f24507159737eb1ea7.png]

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Make it happen.
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