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Full Version: Doubt about sprites
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2D Sprites are made how one animated cartoon?

how may i make?
Beg pardon?
Sorry my bad english Sad

how may i do my own sprites?
You use a simple art program like MS Paint.

but and the animation

it is like a animated cartoon?

I do not have experience with animations Sad
Kind of. I think this topic belongs in the pixel art board.

Also, do you have any sprites/drawings you've made that you can show? It might be easier to point you in the right direction if we know what you already know. As for animation, Aseprite is an excellent program for that; it's kind of the Flash of pixel art.

I would say that a sprite animation and a cartoon are kind of different, but similar in some ways. With sprites, there's a greater emphasis on simplicity and doing more with a smaller palette, among other things. Check here for more info: With regular cartoons, you have a bit more freedom, since you're not constrained to fitting an image into tiny squares, but that's probably why pixel art is still so popular, it's challenging and fun to make things so small and still look good. Though, some of the rules of pixel art apply to cartoons, as well, so you can see the similarities there beyond what's already obvious.
this isn't the right section - I'll move it to pixelart section.

May you tell your native language, too? Maybe we can help you out.