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Full Version: Mighty Jetters' Spriting Vortex
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Well, it's been aaaaaages since I've really posted any art (aside from love and old sketches etc.) so here are some sprites that I've been working on-and-off on for the past... who knows. I don't have too much done but I've been really anxious to make a thread and show some stuff! To start, here are some face icons I made (which I've gotten quite a bit of help on already; special thanks to Gors, StarSock64, and Zac! :hSmile:

[Image: d5fe66bcbe.png]

From left to right: Ayla, Raelynn, Vinnie, Spike, the Scoop of Justice, and Voltar the Omnicient (who is a W.I.P.).

They're for a GameBoy-styled Awesomenauts mini project that I started a good while back, where I planned on making these for all the 'Nauts. After seeing Gorsal's neat little Mahou Shoujo Tellis-Chan face icons, I was actually inspired to try making some of my own as an introduction to spriting in original GB style. Once I made a few, I began considering eventually making more RPG-esque assets (while not being intended to be for an RPG), such as full-GB-screen-size character portraits and even possibly overworld sprites of all the 'Nauts. The face icons are what most of the work has gone into so far, but I do have a few other little things that I started on more recently (all W.I.P. of course):

Ayla character portrait:

[Image: 8e55abfd34.png]

Some issues I'm actually aware of, such as the arm to our left being too small compared to the other, the back leg being a bit off in perspective, and possibly the face being a bit off. I'll fix these whenever I decide to finish cleaning it up. Though if anyone sees any other glaring issues, do tell me.

Ayla overworld (Pokémon G/S/C sprites are for reference):

[Image: 22941d14b3.png]


[Image: d81c4ee470.png]

[Image: c5cdc309bf.gif] _ [Image: 0f53e45d14.gif] _ [Image: 47f4fe810b.gif] _ [Image: 816505b6a6.gif]

These are to test the waters in working with the GB's super-limited OW sprite resolution. These are also my first animated sprites! Yay!

Also here are the characters' artworks for all that referencing business: Ayla, Raelynn, Vinnie & Spike, Scoop, Voltar

So yea, I do plan on doing more in the future and I'd definitely like feedback on the OW sprites too. Larger pixel arts are difficult for me so those won't be seeing updates too often I don't think. Regardless, enjoy~
There is a jaggy that is quite noticable on scoop's head, in between the antenna and where the contours of his clothing touch his face.
Ayla's overworld sprite reminds me of Wario Blast.
Decided to take a break from the Awesomenauts mini project and pay a little visit back to spriting with a different subject.

[Image: 8d0c2c757e.png] [Image: 1e25aac8d8.png]

13 colors not including background.

Not much right now, but I figured since I have something new made, might as well show it.