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Full Version: Optional Paralysis [Scifi Tactical, Turn Based RPG]
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Welcome to my thread everybody! This is the maiden topic for my project that I shall be developing and nurturing along, "Optional Paralysis". So what's this game going to be like you might ask? Well let's dig into it!

Before we do dig into it though, I've envisioned the game being in an isometric view with an art style similar to other tactics games.

It's the turn of the century, 3004 and Bio Mechanical Engineering has made serious advances. Body modifications are beginning to enter the general populace, although they still have hefty price tags attached to them. The leading company developing these body modifications, Lazer Mech, has made it possible to receive body modifications through their loan program, their reasons for this being the stated: "In an emerging era of body modifications which bring a wealth of new options to Humanity, we here at Lazer Mech want to help bring forth a new chapter for Humanity."
Under this program a large percentage of the population receives body mods and for awhile everything is going fine. Until the head of Lazer Mech, Gwyn Kadlec, unveils his master plan. People with body mods received through this loan program also had chips implanted in their brains when undergoing the enhancement surgeries which gives Lazer Mech complete control over their bodies. Gwyn Kadlec suddenly has his own private army, large enough and strong enough(through his companies body enhancements) to effectively grasp control of Earth. This isn't to say everybody with body mods is under his control, nor do people without body mods not exist, Gwyn's program was just very popular and a good percentage of Earth's citizens took the deal. This is where our hero steps in...
[Image: X04QKpO.png]

Still working out some kinks story wise but I've been working on it every day and will continue to.

Players will also be able to add Friends into their unit. There will be enough to mix and match unit options to fit players specific choice of tactics.

Now onto gameplay after that little teaser of the story.

My vision for the gameplay is to mix Fire Emblem, and Final Fantasy IX. Turn based combats which give the player an amount of actions to move units and attack, but in a more fluid manner. I remember one of my favorite parts about playing Final Fantasy IX was the bar that represented the amount of time it would be until a certain character could make another action. I would like to incorporate that into the system to give the game's battle gameplay a more hectic, and thought provoking feel. Each unit's "turn" would have 2 actions, and with those 2 actions players can choose to do these listed actions:
- Attack (1 action)
- Move (1 action)
- Cover (1 action)
- Ability (2 actions)
- Switch(1 action)
- Use Item (1 action)

To further expand on these actions:

- Attack: This one is a bit obvious, unit would make an attack.
- Move: Same as attack, this one's a bit obvious as well, but a bit more deep. Units will have different traveling speed, pretty much exactly like Fire Emblem.
- Cover: This is like a character choosing to block instead of attack, it will reduce damage taken when they're attacked next.
- Ability: I am still working on these, but essentially it's a move that will cost the unit both of it's action points and can be anything from a super attack to raising stats. These will have limited use per battle or restrictions such as "Can only be used once every X turns."
- Items: Items will be simple things such as bringing back HP, increasing stats for the battle, etc.
- Switch: This will be something as simple as swapping out a weapon from inventory to a unit.

The game's world will be free roam to a degree, there will be areas that are there to explore and will have quests, and other things to do, but to travel from area to area, players will be directed to a world map and random battles can/will happen along with scripted encounters that will be triggered in quests and/or by going somewhere specifically although the latter will be somewhat more of a rare option. When battles begin players will be in a buffer zone that enemies will be spawned outside of. In random battles they'll be randomly spawned into their locations, and in scripted battles they'll have assigned places to begin(this way bosses don't spawn right in front of players if they're not supposed to begin there ect.)

Units will receive EXP and teh moneyz after battles, and occasionally items that can range from weaponry to hp potions etc.

There will be 4 base classes.

- Soldier: Soldiers are efficient in all categories of weaponry but don't excel in any categories.
                     . Speed: 3/5
                     . Attack: 3/5
                     . Defense: 3/5
Soldiers can eventually move into one of two special classes: Long Range Weapons specialist or Short Range Weapons specialist.

- Lancer: This is as awesome as it sounds. Hover Biker with a Lazer Lance. This class is technically a close range attack only, but have exceptional speed which means they can move very far with their move action, along with having the ability to move/attack in 1 action once per turn. 
                     . Speed: 5/5
                     . Attack: 3/5
                     . Defense: 2/5
Lancers can eventually move into two classes, I don't have names for them yet but one focuses on their speed while the other focuses on their attack.

Marksman: This class is your essential sniper class. Dudes with modded eyes or masks with enhanced displays.
                     . Speed: 2/5
                     . Attack: 4/5
                     . Defense: 2/5
Marksman can move into either the classes White Death or Rapid Sniper. White Death (named after the most kreay kreay Finnish Sniper ever) will focus on crazy accuracy and high damage but sacrifices speed where as Rapid Sniper is pretty much what the name says, emphasizes on being able to take more shots at the cost of accuracy and damage.

Bruiser: This is the last base class, and are essentially close combat powerhouses. Enhanced limbs deal explosive damage and blockade against damage as well, all at the cost of speed.
                     . Speed: 1/5
                     . Attack: 4/5
                     . Defense: 4/5
Bruisers can eventually move into two different classes. Tanks which focus on their attack, or Mountain which will focus on their defense.

Right now this about all I've got that I can show. I'm developing the story every day along with other details. It's an ambitious project for an audio guy but I'm hoping to possibly drum interest and C+C. I will be developing this as long as I can and am able to. I may possibly have a programer jumping on board but I will have to discuss all of this with them, y'all are the first I'm bringing this project forward to.