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Full Version: SchAlternate's Sprites and Sloppy Schedules
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So, it's been forever since I posted anything here. You guys probably forgot about me.

It'd feel wrong if I bumped my old, dusty thread, so I'd rather start from scratch.

And by that I mean complete that stupid Zebesian for once and move on.

[Image: zebesian.png]

So, anyway, if anyone here knows of my DeviantArt, you might've met these two: Atreyu and Athena. Some may even recognize them if you have seen my previous work.

I plan to make a game, and these two would be the protagonists.

So... I did these.

[Image: rivaru.png]

I have no idea which size to pick, so I'd like to see which ones you guys like best.

Anyway... what's up...?
I like the largest size, personally. It shows off the style the best.
I agree.
And that Space Pirate is awesome.
[Image: AtreyuIdle.png]

[Image: Q4SeutJU]

I'll probably regret making this animation so fluid. Also, yes, I know his head and hands are completely still, I'll get working on that.
I feel like the hair should move with the idle stance
I love how someone's suggestion got more likes than any of my posts.

At any rate, I haven't done much progress with the animation, but there's this:

[Image: swordy.png]

It's a suword.
We were just seconding what he had to say!
Neat sword. We gonna see the sword swipe soon? Big Grin
Depends on your definition of "soon".
Well, it only took me about 3 months to get back to this thread.

What's all this absence been leading up to?

[Image: 5oVhH4Xa]

Just a redo of my previous sprites that I did a few days ago. At least now I'm removing the rust on my spriting skills a bit, so I may have some more content later on.
its like you mashed megaman and rayman together, I very much like them, but the clost fist looks a bit weird, might I suggest making the thumb and index finger more prominent to define the shape a bit better
So, like this?

[Image: zt90I7jt]

EDIT: Funny, people usually relate my character designs with Mega Man, but this is the first time people are reminded of Rayman, haha.
For the green girl you should use the hair palette of the old one; it has more hueshifting going on and looks better.
Sorry for the late reply. Kinda zoned out there. Tongue

[Image: NduQqy0m]

Hue shifting does make her hair look better, but I thought having her hair have a greenish hue to it (that is to say, dark yellow) would mix better with her green attire. But I guess having more complimentary orange hues would be a better option.
Hair color was much more dynamic before than now for Athena. Also, though I see you were trying to use more selout, I think you should either go back to outlines, or use darker colors on your selout.

EDIT: Ignore my first point, because I was referring to the hue-shifting fix that Mighty Jetters was talking about. Did see the second edit before I made a post. Still, I think more pronounced selout is needed, or outlines again. Personally I like the outlines better, as it supports the cartoony look.
the back hair on the red dude looks better on the first one

the second one, due to the lack of outline, looks like really wild ear hair instead of back hair
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