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Full Version: Hyrules Warriors Adventure Mode REDRAWN
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Hello everyone!

I'm sure many people over the internet have been looking for the Hyrule Warriors' "Adventure Mode" sprites. Though I cannot provide a rip, I've been working on redrawing them pixel by pixel (a friend helped with a few of them).


Many sprites appear on seldom events, such as using a candle on a bush, so I can't get them all.
The colors used in "Adventure Mode" can be accurate to the NES palette used (I believe it's from FCEUX), but some can't be replaced by any of the color in it (Impa's skin, for example).

Since there are so few sprites per character, yet so many characters, and that I don't plan on finishing them all very soon, I've been wondering how I would have to submit them.

Looking forward to your feedback!
They look cool. I wonder if there is any way to actually rip the assets from the game, though, as I know that character model ripping is possible.

It makes me wonder if any of the minor enemy sprites have any additional animations besides their standard ones.
As far as I can tell, any enemy that appear in HW AM that is also present in TLoZ, does not have any additional animation.
For example, Poes only look left and right, Dodongos only do their 2 step animation.
I've done some progress since last time, but this is as far as I can go with the photos I've done/screenshots I've found. I'll need more.

NPCs are now in a seperate sheet, but I've not done progress on them. DLC chars will also go in another sheet (except for MM Link).