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Full Version: Curse Engine Build 008 - Public Test Release (008)
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Watch at 720p60fps for how it looks in-game.

Download Link for Build 008:

The purpose behind the Curse Engine is to recreate the feel of Castlevania Symphony of the Night.  Once the engine has reached a point where I feel it is solid, all Konami IPs will be removed in order to create my own indie Metroidvania title.  Since the end-goal is an indie-project, 100% recreation of SotN is not my intention.  As longs as each part of the engine "feels" like SotN, I am content.

I finally decided to make a fresh public alpha to gather thoughts and suggestions on where the engine is thus far.  Remember, I'm not looking to make this perfect, so if you are going to nitpick - you will be ignored.

Arrow keys left and right to move in respective directions.
Arrow key up allows you to fire a sub item.
Arrow key down crouches.
S key jumps
D key attacks if up is NOT also held.  If up is also held and you have hearts, it throws a sub weapon instead.
P removes all health and kills you.  Once the death sequence is over, the room restarts.

Number keys 1-6 change the ghost trail for testing purposes.
1 changes your sub weapon to the knife.
2 changes your sub weapon to the ax.

Enter key pauses the game and enters the menu.  If already in the menu, it leaves the menu.
Arrow keys up and down move the cursor in the menu respectively.

So, in this public release, here's what you can expect:
Break candles
Throw sub items
Music Loop Engine
Menu system(though it only has a single screen for now)
Magic Meter(hard to see but it is drawn)

Hope you guys enjoy!  Looking forward to suggestions.

Right now, I know that when you attack while falling and are very near the ground, Alucard never pulls out a weapon(or throws the sub weapon).  It's not a bug exactly.  I just have overlooked setting Alucard's state to "attack" if you attack and are very close to the ground while falling.  The game in its state still goes through the motions of attacking while falling which is NOT the same as the state of "attack".  So, if you see this happening, don't tell me about it.

Build 002

-work in progress fog effect
-minor image improvements

Build 003

-heart engine
-death sequence(not finished)
-heads up display
-better music

Build 004
-sub item system
-magic meter
-improved visuals when destroying candles
Nice work dude, I remember seeing this on twitter the other day. Looking forward to more updates!
Updated original post with new content. A public test released has been added!

Added a bunch of stuff:
-pause menu system
-room transitions
-3d animations(some finished, some WIP)
-save room has been started
-other various improvements to code and images

Added this build:
-level up system
-max hearts up
-max life up
Updated original post with Build 008 video AND download link.