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Full Version: Hello, and greetings!
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Hello Everyone, I'm KoroKusuo23. I have joined this site for my love of gaming and also see awesome models that have been ripped from the classics to some of the games of the new age. I myself am a model ripper but also a beginner so I plan to help add models to the Model's Resource forum in the near future.
I do love anime and hobbies are drawing sometimes and playing my 3Ds. If anyone else has a question to ask I will answer them if you wish to ask a little more about me.
Hey KoroKusuo, welcome to the Resource! Always great to see new people interested in ripping Smile

Enjoy your stay!
Thank you, I'm sure to enjoy it here.
Welcome to TVGR! Hope you enjoy it here.
Nice to meet you! Welcome to the forum.